Becoming Dobby: Weird but free #MNBHP

It’s in their nature ter look after humans, that’s what they like, see? Yeh’d be makin’ ’em unhappy ter take away their work, an’ insultin’ ’em if yeh tried ter pay ’em.”

“But Harry set Dobby free, and he was over the moon about it!” said Hermione. “And we heard he’s asking for wages now!”

“Yeah, well, yeh get weirdos in every breed. I’m not sayin’ there isn’t the odd elf who’d take freedom, but yeh’ll never persuade most of ’em ter do it — no, nothin’ doin’, Hermione.”

“But Dobby hasn’t found work, sir, because Dobby wants paying now!”

The house-elves all around the kitchen, who had been listening and watching with interest, all looked away at these words, as though Dobby had said something rude and embarrassing. Hermione, however, said, “Good for you, Dobby!”

“Thank you, miss!” said Dobby, grinning toothily at her. “But most wizards doesn’t want a house-elf who wants paying, miss. ‘That’s not the point of a house-elf,’ they says, and they slammed the door in Dobby’s face! Dobby likes work, but he wants to wear clothes and he wants to be paid, Harry Potter. . . . Dobby likes being free!”

The Hogwarts house-elves had now started edging away from Dobby, as though he were carrying something contagious.


Dobby is jobless for two years and ostracized by his community for being “weird,” but he doesn’t give up because he is free. Free to dream of being the first house-elf to be paid wages. And, because he doesn’t give up when times are tough, he becomes that and so much more. He becomes the house-elf who saved Harry Potter’s life and thereby helped to vanquish Voldemort for good.

Yes, Dobby is weird, but he is also free. Free to help other dismissed elves. Free to rescue the Chosen One. Free to do the good he was prevented from doing when he was the Malfoy’s slave.


If you are free, what are you doing with your freedom? Use your freedom to pursue dreams that others may label “weird,” but, more importantly, used your dreams to do good and help others as Dobby did.

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