Jason Isaacs tackles international murder mystery in premiere of “Dig”!

Jason Isaacs, the star of USA Network’s Dig (premiering tonight, March 5), recently sat down with FanBolt for an interview regarding his role in the new show and how it diverges from his more well-known antagonistic characters.

Speaking of his character in Dig, FBI agent Peter Connelly, Jason had this to say:

Imagine, there are all kinds of people who have agendas that they think […] the ends will justify the means [for], and the means are things that to us are morally repulsive or genocide. That’s what Pete is up against. It starts off as a murder mystery, and as he is investigating it, nothing seems like what it is. It’s very hard for him to a) find out what the hell is going on and [(b)] why his instincts are going off [-] the alarms are going off so loudly inside him [-] and to get anyone else to believe him.

Jason also took time to discuss the changing landscape of television:

It’s changing really fast. No one’s quite sure where it’s going to settle. It’s an amazing time to be creative because there are 50 offices in Los Angeles you can walk into where people have a checkbook and might let you tell your story – something around 50 – but there aren’t enough pairs of eyes in America to make all those 50 places continue to be able to do this, so how it’s going to settle, we don’t know.

Check out Jason’s full interview here, and don’t forget to tune into USA Network tonight at 10 p.m. ET for the show’s premiere!