Madam Rosmerta’s featured recipe: Peanut Butter Chocolate Frogs

Chocolate Easter Bunnies. Sugary chicks. Cream filled dark chocolate eggs. All of these are perfectly lip-smacking and have grown to become the Easter themed treats that we adore. While Hermione may be familiar with these edible caricatures, what sort of desserts would the students of Hogwarts dig into on this day? The infamous Chocolate Frogs of course. And just in time for the holiday Tina, who manages the savory blog Sugar Bean Bakers, has provided us with this quaint recipe that’s sure to satisfy both children and adults. Yes children, we’re taking back control of today. You all aren’t the only ones who get to indulge.

Tina initially concocted this recipe in anticipation of providing a Potter alternative for the usual holiday line-up. Using chocolate bark (for dipping) and creamy peanut butter, the filling for these frog molded bites are reminiscent of chewing into a warm Ghirardelli Square. Only these are a bit more voluminous and depending on the molds used, pack a unique texture comprising the grooves and curves of the frog’s outline. Naturally, you can play around with the shape of these chocolates opting for more traditional creatures and silhouettes. But we appreciate going the extra mile and sticking to inspirations from the series, no matter how hard it may be to track down a dragon shaped mold or that of a Blast-Ended Skrewt. Plus if Peanut Butter isn’t your style, then there’s a broad range of alternative fillings including marshmallow, fudge and thick caramel depending on how heavy or light you prefer your chocolate. Be sure to view the entire recipe here.

We thank Tina for continually providing us Potterheads with exceptional baked creations. Be sure to check out the full recipe here. We would also like to wish all our readers a fun-filled Easter holiday and hope you all dedicate some time to getting back into the kitchen and experimenting with these fabulous Madam Rosmerta recipes. Remember that if you have any recipes you would like to share with the fandom then please contact us. Until the next time, happy tasting!