• Rachel Sheppard

    I hate that they removed comments because it’s useful if a user gets stuck on a moment and needs help.

  • Casiquire

    I hate to say I lost interest in Pottermore a long time ago. Sure I like reading all the new details I didn’t know before, but what it came down to was one image at a time from select moments in the books, and there was a little game here or there. Maybe they’ve changed things up in the last year so I might hop in and take another look, but I was hoping for something much more immersive.

  • hthth

    insider is closed, no comments anymore….gee, the censurship hammer felt hard. what’s the point of the common room now really?

  • Jestress

    Hopefully one of the new things will be Patronuses. But still, it’s dull without comments. I didn’t even use them myself, but it was pleasant to log on and see people chatting to each other, being active and social…

  • Firenze

    Comments could be useful when stuck, indeed, but for the rest, I never understood how people could actually interact : silly usernames, avatars all look alike, ages for your comment to appea–> impossible conversations and impossibility to find your comment if you likk them up too late…It was mostly pointless.

    Also, i mostly fo to Pottermore to read JKR stuff, that’s the best thing, really.

  • ImTotallyBatman

    I think every Pottermore user knows that the comment system was badly flawed – very difficult to track questions and answers, no using numbers, LOTS of abuse of the “Report” button (once I was reported for saying “Congrats on winning the cup, Slytherin”), and especially in recent months, it’s basically become a haven for terrible role-playing (I couldn’t even ask questions anymore because my comments were being drowned amidst the likes of:

    “‘Morning all!’ *sits down and pours cereal* – Wing Nugget”
    “‘Hi Wingy!’ *Joins her at the table and begins eating sausages* – Sirius Pygmy”
    [Aside: I made up the names, and apologize if they were actually people’s nicknames on the site]

    My point being that, while comments definitely needed to be changed, they should NOT have been removed. Part of of the allure of Pottermore has always been the ability to connect with other fans around the globe; in fact, I’m made a couple of digital friends through Pottermore. Now how can we chat with people? Ask questions? Get tips? Request items? Honestly, I think the problem is that Pottermore is trying too hard to be “safe for all ages,” and that means that they need very strict policies in regards to communications. Most people who read the books though are going to be at least in their teens when they finish, so just stamp an age recommendation on the site and call it a day. Give us a decent comments feature! We’re big kids! And while you’re at it, add more Half-Blood Prince moments! A 652 page book (US 1st ed.), and we only get 12 bloody moments out of it? You’re better than that Pottermore, I know you are!

    I want to go back to the Beta days, when the developers still cared, and they gave the fans something to care about too; when it was a good, kind, helpful community dedicated to enjoying the new experiences the site had to offer.

    All that being said however, I am glad that they’re planning on doing more stuff after Deathly Hallows (*cough*more moments*cough*), and I also appreciate that they’re going to be putting all of the ingredients in the moments, as well as providing “a way for you to replenish your galleons so that you can stock up in Diagon Alley more easily” – a concern I’ve voiced since the Beta period.

    *Sigh* Pottermore, what happened to you?

    • guest

      The moments have turned into a joke. OoTP and HBP were way too short and now DH on the way already? I can’t see many moments on that either. I only use Pottermore for the moments but there just rushing through them now. Totally disappointing

  • F-ailix

    I think they should use other medias too, like twitter and Youtube. Now Pottermore has become more like a book and less then a website.

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