Watch a trailer for “The Enfield Haunting” feat. Timothy Spall – plus, interview!

Watch a trailer for “The Enfield Haunting” feat. Timothy Spall – plus, interview!

Timothy Spall (Peter Pettigrew) is about to star in a new three-part TV series called The Enfield Haunting, which we previously reported on earlier this year. In the lead-up to the show, Timothy spoke to the Guardian about his role in the series, as well as his career so far.

In the interview, Timothy spoke about life and the illness that he suffered in the ’90s:

You’re immortal, aren’t you, until you get a little peek over the precipice. The thought of death… You’re not supposed to start pondering it until you’re old. And there’s nothing like being told you’ve got a life-threatening disease to concentrate your mind on that. So yeah, I had to think… I didn’t force myself to do it; I was in the position where my brain made me think about it.

On taking the role of Maurice Grosse, in The Enfield Haunting, he said,

I ascertained it wasn’t a story about satanism, and it wasn’t a story about evil, which was very important to me because, purely on a practical level, I didn’t feel like going home and finding all the doors banging and shutting when I was lying in bed or waking up with a [G]othic demon sitting on my chest. I wasn’t in the mood for that, you know?

Timothy also touched on the subject of awards and not being nominated for an Oscar:

But I can’t complain. I’ve got seven awards [for Mr. Turner] for God’s sake! That’s seven more than before I started and quadruple the number of awards I received before that. If one wants to measure oneself by the facile accruement of awards, then I’ve done very well. It’s nice for your mum, and it’s nice for your mantelpiece, but it doesn’t in the end make any difference to you as a person.

Read the full interview here. You can see a trailer for The Enfield Haunting below:

The Enfield Haunting, starring Timothy Spall, alongside Juliet Stevenson and Matthew Macfadyen, will air on Sky Living at 9 p.m. BST on Sunday, May 3, in the UK.

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