Ten Things Sabrina Spellman Would Do If She Went to Hogwarts

This post was a combined effort by Creative Social Media Intern Kelly and Creative Team Intern Lizzie.


While re-watching Sabrina, the Teenage Witch recently, we noticed that there were (maybe not surprisingly) a number of things that made us think of Harry Potter. There’s that whole “underground magical society” thing, but there’s also a lot of small details in Sabrina that are pretty interesting. Take the ways in which magic is part of the mortal world, for instance. Things like Sabrina’s magical spellbook, the talking portrait in her aunt’s kitchen, or her toaster that delivers letters from the supernatural realm all remind us of magical items in Potter – things like traveling via fireplace with floo powder or Hogwarts’s very own talking portraits.

It made us wonder… what would Sabrina be like if she attended a magical school instead of a mortal/Muggle one? And what would it be like if she attended Hogwarts of all places?! So here are ten things Sabrina would do if she attended Hogwarts:

1. She’d definitely bring Salem, and we’re pretty sure Mrs. Norris wouldn’t be able to handle his sass:

(but maybe Crookshanks could)

2. She’d definitely have the best fashion sense:

3. We’re pretty sure that she’d be excited for any House she’s sorted into:
4. She’d know exactly how to take care of Draco:
5. And her aunts would be able to handle Umbridge with ease:

6. Muggle Studies would be in the BAG:

7. Forget the library. She’d have a better study guide (and moral support!) for every test:

8. She’d have her own trio with Harvey and Valerie:

9. Post-Hogwarts, she’d have no problem landing a job at the Daily Prophet, where we’re pretty sure she wouldn’t let anyone bring her down (looking at you, Rita Skeeter):
10. And finally, she’d probably be the most relatable Hogwarts student ever:

Lizzie S.

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