Pottermore Releases “Deathly Hallows”!

Today, Pottermore announced that they had opened Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to be explored on the site!

The move came as a surprise to many, who were expecting Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince to be filled out more before the last book was released. Pottermore and J.K. Rowling herself had mentioned a Patronus test that was in the works, and many thought that would be the next installment on the site.

However, the last book, it seems, is not entirely completed; neither King’s Cross Station nor the epilogue is included as of yet. It appears, then, that Pottermore will be adding new content in due course. Many (including this author) hope this means the site will be going back and filling in moments from previous books as well!

New writing from J.K. Rowling includes more reflections on the actions of Petunia Dursley, confirmation that Peter Pettigrew was a Hatstall, extending information on Extension Charms and alchemy, and confirmation that Harry drawing the Sword of Gryffindor from the pool is a reference to the sword Excalibur in Arthurian legend. The artwork (as always) is stunning, especially Harry and Hermione at the Potters’ graves, the dragon in Gringotts, Harry surrounded by those brought back with the Resurrection Stone, and the final battle between Harry and Voldemort.

What do you think of the new Pottermore release? Let us know in the comments!

  • Crystal

    I thought the name of the headmaster might change to Severus Snape when the 7th book came out.

    • Alison

      That would have been a fantastic idea! I wonder what they’ll do with that now that all have been released. Perhaps it will reveal the current headmaster/mistress?

      • Pewpewpew

        It’s probably still McGonagall since she wasn’t all that old (by wizard’s standards) when the series ended.

  • Sabrina Parseval

    Can’t find the Alchemy info in Chapter 26 Moment 1 (Dragon Flight). Help?

    • Mimi

      I think it was near the bottom right of the treasure pile when you’re zoomed in once.
      I can’t for the life of me complete that moment, though, so if you do let me know!

      • Sabrina Parseval

        Found it! It’s actually a tiny spot in the middle of the treasure pile without zooming in. And that was the last thing I needed to do to complete the moment, sorry, I can’t remember what other things I did to do so!

      • Katy

        I can’t either! Someone please help with completing it.

        • Nica

          How I completed Chapter 26 Moment 1, Dragon Flight
          1.) The vial. Should be easy enough to find
          2.) Go through all the goblins, and make sure you get the noises and what not.
          3.) On the first zoom, click on the gold treasure area. Stuff will move.
          4.) Around that treasure area, click on one of the treasures at the bottom section, and unlock Alchemy. It works without the zoom.
          5.) Make sure you get all the dragon movements in the first zoom. Dragon movements include; head, claws, wings, and tail.
          6.) On the first zoom, if you click on one of the scales at the bottom area of the dragon, you would find something.

          I hope this helps 🙂 It took me forever to complete this one

  • Froderick Fronkenstein

    Having a problem finishing Chapter 16, the Graveyard. Can only get about 75% of the way there. Knocked the snow off the trees, read the note from James and Lily’s gravestone, picked something up in the second zoom, and… now I’m stuck. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Heather Holbrook

      After the zoom go over the rooftop of the church, knocking off icicles, that one took me awhile too.

      • Froderick Fronkenstein

        Thank you!!!

  • Heather Holbrook

    I’m stuck at the wedding, flapped the bird wings, popped the cork, made the patronus wiggle his ears (and maybe other stuff too) but just can’t find the last thing. Help??