“Potter” Activities for the Basic Muggle

Last month, I provided everyone with the tricks of the trade on how to plan a Yule Ball-themed party. As mentioned before, I served as president for a nationally ranked Potter club while in college. While my top priority was the annual Yule Ball, I was tasked every week with providing fun, planned meetings. Over a year and a half, I discovered a few hits that kept interest and members returning. Here’s a few example of activities you could do with your own group of Potter people:

1. Sporcle

This is a website that features quizzes and trivia in different forms about practicallt everything, and their Potter selection is fantastic. Groups will go nuts over trying to guess the top 200 most-named characters in the series (in 15 minutes, it’s nearly impossible). There are all different levels for easier and more difficult trivia that will keep people playing all night long.

2. Scene-It

A word of caution: these games get really intense. Do this with a smaller group or group people into teams and have numerous referees to watch the hands go soaring into the air. Throw some snacks around, and you’ve got a fun night ahead.

3. Potions

Pretend you’re back in chem class or be a mixologist for the evening. In my experience, I found some mocktail recipes and put together stations for members to enjoy a sampling of drinks. Or go for themed cocktails if this is a more mature gathering. Tip: Try the drinks beforehand to ensure they’re decent.


Time to get creative. In the past, I have done self-defense classes by inviting other clubs that focus on martial arts to come in and teach. We learned how to protect ourselves from unwanted attention and block off attacks. It was practical learning made fun.

Demonstrating how to get out of a chokehold

5. Astronomy

Let’s talk about space, baby. I booked the school’s planetarium where we went on a “field trip” for a night-time showing. We learned about constellations, planets, and life. A simpler version may include using telescopes for a low-key evening.

Source: SUNY Oneonta

6. Charms

I busted out some Latin prefixes and roots for people to create their own spells. It was a fun exercise and hilarious to hear what they wanted magic for.

7. Transfiguration

This takes a little more planning. I brought in someone from a stage makeup class who did different looks on volunteers. We saw a transformation into old age, battle wounds, and a Disney-inspired villain. It was the perfect Muggle take on the class.

8. The Deathday Party

A smaller event full of fun. Celebrate Halloween and Nearly Headless Nick’s deathday together with this party! Host a costume contest, have a dueling challenge, and arrange Potter crafts. I created “Harry & Ron’s Floating Treats,” where we put donuts on a string for two people to compete in eating without using their hands. Go crazy on the decorations and have a blast!

9. Welcome to Hogwarts

Held on September 1, the event is aimed to sort Potter fans into their House through our Sorting Hat test. Attendees can also play “Pin the Sock on Dobby,” make their own wand, and participate in our “Have You Seen This Wizard?” photobooth. Throw in some pizza and drinks, and you’re in for a good time.

Sorting Hat tests waiting to be graded



Find this helpful? Let me know other ways you’ve had Potter fun.

Lizzie S.

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