UPDATED: Pottermore to End House Cup Tradition?

A tweet sent out today from Pottermore’s official Twitter account seems to suggest that the biannual House Cup award may be coming to an end early next month. View the message below:

Some fans are theorizing that the tweet may have been a simple mistake meant to read “we’ll be awarding the latest House Cup,” rather than, “the last House Cup.” This, however, remains pure speculation with no response from the Pottermore team. We currently have no further word on Pottermore’s plans going forward, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated when new information becomes available.

If this really is the end of the House Cup, will you continue to be an active member on Pottermore? Let us know your thoughts below.


Pottermore’s official Facebook page has clarified that this September’s House Cup will indeed be the last, adding that upcoming changes to the site are what led them to this decision. The full post follows: 

On September 9, we’ll be awarding the House Cup, so keep duelling and brewing and help lead your [H]ouse to glory. Some changes are coming to Pottermore, so this will be the final House Cup. We’ll bring you more news of these changes shortly – watch this space. In the meantime, good luck, and let the House Cup commence…

Posted by Pottermore on Thursday, August 20, 2015

  • MooMoo

    They’re geting rid of the best parts of Pottermore… First the ability to communicate with other fans, now the House Cup?

    • Femalefan

      They should keep the House Cup and restore the comments section.

    • hyht

      indeed, what’s even the point to have an account now?

  • Erin Makara

    I really hope they replace this with something else, otherwise without friendly competition I don’t see the point of this account other then finding your Hogwarts house…