J.K. Rowling Narrates Film Highlighting Plight of Eight Million Children in Orphanages

We all know about the important work that Lumos does. Just this year, the charity was honored by the UK Charity Awards for the amazing work they’ve done in Moldova. But even with all the important progress Lumos has already made, there are still so many more children who need their help – our help – to build a better life.

Currently there are over eight million children in orphanages worldwide who have families who are willing to care for them but who need support systems to help them do so. Lumos is working to change the conversation, to help these children get out of institutions and into loving homes where they can learn, grow, and love. As the latest step in her tireless advocation for these children, J.K. Rowling has narrated a three-minute video detailing how Lumos works and why it’s so important.

Here’s an excerpt of Rowling’s narration:

From the very beginning, a child thrives on individual care and attention. A baby quickly forges a bond with loving parents – and because of this bond the brain develops with remarkable speed and complexity. Within a safe, secure, and stimulating environment a child gets the most out of life. But this picture of childhood can be a fragile one. Poverty, conflict, and disaster can destroy the foundations of family life… and in these circumstances, families can feel they have no choice but to place their child into a so-called orphanage, especially if the child is disabled and needs care the family cannot afford.

From Lumos’s press release:

The release of this new animation comes as Lumos accelerates its advocacy work, with other NGOs and agencies, to persuade the United Nations that children living outside of families should be counted as an ‘indicator’ of the success of implementation of its new 2015-2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Last month, Lumos joined others in heralding the final draft of new SDGs. Lumos welcomed, in particular, the inclusion of ‘families’ within the goals document, which recognises the important role for ‘cohesive communities and families’ in enabling children and young people to realise their rights. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that make up the Agenda will be put to a vote by the UN General Assembly later this month.

Give it a watch below, and be sure to share it with others. Together, we can build a better world.

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