UPDATED: The New Pottermore Is Here!

Pottermore has been teasing us for a while now, hinting that big changes are coming to the site. And now, September 22, the time has come. Pottermore as we knew it has gone, replaced by the newly relaunched version.

Pottermore shared an exclusive video from J.K. Rowling herself to introduce the new site.



Jo teases that new content will be coming soon, including information about new characters, and describes the site as her “magical corner of the Internet.”

Jo’s message is also available when you log onto the site, as an audio message. Once you log in, you’re greeted with a range of different options and news to read. The Pottermore correspondent tells us that

We will bring the Sorting Hat back, so you can find out if you’re a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin. Soon, you’ll be able to find out the form of your Patronus and ponder on what that means, you’ll be able to get a wand and who knows what other magical things we’ll conjure up. If you keep an eye on the [n]ews section, you’ll be the first to hear what’s coming next and when. Because the site is ever-evolving and we’d truly value your opinion, tell us what you think, and we’ll work our magic on it.

Plus, the correspondent also tells us that

this is where you’ll be able to read brand new writing by J.K. Rowling (yes, it’s canon!)[;] check out magical characters, objects, spells and places[;] reminisce about the first time you read the books[;] ruminate on advice from the great Dumbledore[;] speculate about Newt Scamander[;] try to guess the identity of the Cursed Child[;] fall in love with the stories all over again and SO MUCH MORE.

I recommend getting lost on the site; there are so many beautiful secrets lurking if you stay long enough to find them. Have a look around. And come back! Come back tomorrow! And the next day and the next day and the day after that! We’re updating the site all the time.

It sounds like it won’t be long until we can take that Patronus test! Check back for more information as we explore the new site and find out what is has to offer.


We’ve already found the first new snippets of information from J.K. Rowling – about the Potters! The new information gives us the Potter family history, including how the family came to have their money, Harry’s paternal grandparents’ names and careers, and much more. For example, we learn that it was Harry’s grandfather

Fleamont who took the family gold and quadrupled it, by creating magical Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion ( ‘two drops tames even the most bothersome barnet’ ). He sold the company at a vast profit when he retired, but no amount of riches could compensate him or his wife Euphemia for their childlessness. They had quite given up hope of a son or daughter when, to their shock and surprise, Euphemia found that she was pregnant and their beloved boy, James, was born.

Intrigued? Read more here about the Potter family.

Meanwhile, head over to Pottermore NOW to explore the brand new site!

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and comments on the new site in the comments.

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  • Vee

    But wait! Does “We will bring the Sorting Hat back, so you can find out if you’re a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin” mean that we’ll have to take the Sorting test again??

    • DC

      I actually hope so. I’ve taken the old test so many times (and gotten different results) that I no longer have confidence in my House, so I’m relieved that they did away with the old quiz and hope they come up with a brand new one. It’s actually annoying not to be able to “debunk” Pottermore the way you can with other personality tests: it doesn’t pretend to be real, so it can’t be disproven. And yet, psychologically, it feels so important to just KNOW!!! When of course you can’t know because it’s all hypothetical–none of the answers are really “true.”

      Mostly, I’d like to get more information about the Houses and judge for myself which one seems most like me. I’m ok with getting a different result than I expect/hope for, as long as I know it’s based on something reliable and not just “favorite alchemical element” or something silly like that. Whimsical as it is, this stuff can really change the way you think about yourself…and not always in positive or realistic ways, either…so it’s important to get a result that works best in your life, not just feels good in your head.

      • ImTotallyBatman

        Speaking as a Beta member, I think it was best in those days. Before the site went public, there was no way to replace your account, so you were in the house the Hat picked, no exceptions. After the site opened, people could just make a new account if they wanted a different house, always changing and second-guessing their answers. My point is, in the spirit of the site, you shouldn’t have taken it so many times; you should have taken it once and lived with its decision. That’s the point of the houses.

        Besides, and correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Ms. Rowling herself create that test? I liked how it created a psychological profile for us, and how J.K. knew how each house’s minds would think. There’s no perfect way, but I think it was the best. At least it wasn’t what most house quizzes are:

        “Your favorite color is red and your favorite animal is a lion? You’re obviously a Gryffindor, ya silly! You’re perfect for that house because you’re brave!!”

        • DC

          My point is, in the spirit of the site, you shouldn’t have taken it so
          many times; you should have taken it once and lived with its decision.
          That’s the point of the houses.

          I completely disagree. I was sorted into Slytherin, and the initial reason I took it multiple times to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. I was thrilled!

          Then after a while I began to feel really “icky” about being a Slytherin. Thinking of myself as cunning, ambitious, and self-interested made me behave in ways that I didn’t actually admire at all–and that weren’t true to my character. It’s almost like astrology: if you’re a Scorpio and see yourself as broody and mysterious, the broody and mysterious aspects of your personality will end up getting more attention than they necessarily deserve. Labels can be a great way to express yourself, but they can also be painfully limiting.

          I would argue that the point of the Houses–in the books, at least–is to show the characters who they are and what type of group identity will bring out their best (or most intrinsic) qualities. If that’s not what happened for me in Slytherin, then adhering to it out of loyalty or “the spirit of the site” is not only illogical, it’s actively harmful. I’m not really a Slytherin–nobody is. And if thinking of myself as one makes me feel worse about who I am and behave in ways I disagree with, then I don’t belong in a community that says “you have to accept this identity or you don’t get to play with us.”

          Frankly, I wouldn’t want to be part of any group that prized JK Rowling’s say-so, however dilute (an online quiz with questions like “heads or tails”? Come on!) over individual people’s right to roleplay whatever the hell they want to roleplay for whatever reason they choose. So if you think I’m somehow breaking the rules by questioning JK Rowling, I’m happy I did. Those rules deserve to be broken.

          • ImTotallyBatman

            First of all, I just want it to be clear that I’m not trying to offend you (or anyone else, for that matter) about your Pottermore decisions.

            If you were happy to be in Slytherin, why did you begin to feel bad about it? I mean, there’s nothing wrong with Slytherin; ambition and cunning are good traits to have! And just because you identify more with one house doesn’t mean you don’t share traits of the others; Hermione was a Gryffindor, yet she had Ravenclaw-ian intelligence! So the house really isn’t designed to be “painfully limiting” at all.

            See, it’s not that I think you should stick with your house because, in your words, “you have to accept this identity.” I think you should stick with it because, well…that’s how it is in the books. As Dumbledore remarked, “I often think we sort too early.” Yes, people change, but they still have their house. Snape should have moved to Gryffindor; Wormtail should have moved to Slytherin. Whether or not that’s “right” is up for debate (by J.K. Rowling herself), but that’s Hogwarts, and that’s how I saw Pottermore. That being said, I definitely don’t want you to harm yourself by sticking with your house, though again, I’m confused about what changed your mind in that regard.

            I also understand that you may disagree with Jo on some things, but literally ALL Harry Potter fans are people that “prize J.K. Rowling’s say-so.” We’re a part of this fandom because we so appreciate her thoughts and ideas. If you just want to use the site, that’s one thing, but if you want to “roleplay,” then I think you should literally “play the role.” Be a Hogwarts student, follow Hogwarts’s rules. If you don’t want to keep with that same spirit, that’s fine, but I choose to, and I am merely pointing out that, in that regard, the Beta period was the most accurate to the Wizarding World.

            So yes, in a sense, you are “breaking the rules,” but if you want to, I’m not trying to stop you. I’m merely trying to show you an alternate point of view – that of the books, and of J.K. Rowling herself.

          • DC

            I’m merely trying to show you an alternate point of view – that of the books, and of J.K. Rowling herself.

            No worries, I know you weren’t trying to pick a fight. There are a lot of people who share your perspective–I used to be one of them and still haven’t fully shaken it, which is part of why I responded so strongly: to convince myself. But I do think it’s worth noting that J.K. Rowling has never seriously told anyone that they must stick with their original Pottermore sorting. When someone tweeted her about being sorted into Slytherin first and then Hufflepuff, she joked, “You’re a Slytherpuff! They are very rare, so well done.”

            As for the books, Pottermore has a seven-item questionnaire; the kids at Hogwarts have a telepathic Sorting Hat. I’m not willing to just agree as a matter of fan loyalty that the one thing can substitute for the other. Even if it’s arguably “the best we can do,” accepting Pottermore’s decision is itself a personal choice.

            When making any choice, I tend to err on the side of “obsessively gather as much information as possible.” (To the point that I have trouble even calling it “erring.”) That’s the real reason I took the quiz so many times, and why I now hope Pottermore v.2 will come up with a new and improved one. Either way, I’ll almost certainly get re-sorted…and who knows, maybe this time I’ll stick with my initial result! Especially if I get Slytherin again; that would be hard to deny. ;p But even then, it would have to be my decision and not anyone else’s. After all, “It is our choices, Harry…”

          • DC

            ETA: I’m totally a Ravenclaw. That Sorting hat was rigged. 😀

          • DC

            Just in case anybody curious is reading down this far–this is probably the best explication of what I’m talking about that isn’t by me. There’s a Ravenclaw (PM sorted AND self-sorted) who analyzed the original Pottermore quiz and remains firmly in the camp of “the quiz isn’t random, but it also isn’t accurate.” Here’s her take on the subject and a fellow PM aficionado’s response in agreement.


            the Sorting isn’t consistent. A person can get 7 questions that don’t really accurately represent them; some of the questions are written with answers that are waaaaay more appealing than the others for EVERYONE; and there are issues I’ve covered at length in other posts. (Check the links in my first reblog of this.)

            They put a lot of work into the Sorting Hat, but it’s still not consistent, and therefore not accurate. People who want to make multiple accounts have every right to – if you get Gryffindor 90% of the time and Hufflepuff 10% of the time, but draw a Puff-leaning set of questions, I don’t think you should have to accept the Puff result. (Not to mention that there are people who will never get 1 consistent result a majority of the time…again, I’ve covered this at length, so just check out the link, I’m not going to torture my followers by filling their dashes with things I’ve rehashed 7+ times.)

            I like when you rehash this, Julie, because I hate when people are dicks about it. I got Sorted into Ravenclaw in my beta account. I was pretty disappointed (I think I have a lot of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, but I should be in Gryffindor). I took the Sorting Hat quiz six times with my honest answers (once in beta, once because I wanted to see if I really should be in Ravenclaw, and four more times for Pottermore Analysis). I got Gryffindor five out of six times. Does this mean, because I got Ravenclaw once, I should be in Ravenclaw when I feel I’m more a Gryffindor? No, it doesn’t. Some online quiz (which has faults and biases as has been proven) cannot know me more than I know myself. The Sorting Hat online quiz is not the ‘real’ Sorting Hat, which can read your mind. I do not just accept what others tell me about myself, especially an imperfect online quiz, because I know myself far more than anyone else. If you want to accept your result when it’s not what you wanted, then fine, that’s your business, but to be a jerk and tell other people they’re ‘lame o’ or aren’t ‘real Harry Potter fans’ simply because we don’t just accept things, because we know ourselves, and because we have the nerve to want to fit in and support our own House is just unnecessary and uncalled-for.

            As has been mentioned on Pottermore Analysis, liking water shouldn’t make you a Slytherin, preferring the Moon over stars shouldn’t make you a Ravenclaw (most Ravenclaws pick stars anyway), and liking the sound of one instrument over another shouldn’t have to do with what House you end up in. The quiz is just like a ‘pick your favourite colour’ quiz, except it uses some mythology and sophistication matched up with pretty pictures and a few decent questions. The quiz is fun and pretty, but should not be the start of some snobbery on the basis of getting a decent set of questions your first go on it.


          • Ginny

            This is JK session and I trust her so lets just see she might change it

          • DC

            They did actually change it (a little)–they added the pet choice directly to the House quiz. I heard it was covertly taken into account before; now it’s officially part of the quiz, which I’m happy about. I like my new Gryffindor sorting, but I’m well aware that it could have gone some other way…the quiz just isn’t enough information to go on for the level of importance it can take on for some of us.

          • DC

            One more thing:

            …literally ALL Harry Potter fans are people that “prize J.K. Rowling’s say-so.”

            Literally all? That’s quite a generalization. It’s also not what I said: I said that I wouldn’t want to belong to a community that prized JKR’s say-so OVER more important things, like individual decision-making and psychological health. When you tell me I “should” accept a Sorting that I’ve stated plainly had a negative effect on me personally, you’re implying that those negative effects don’t really matter. What matters more, you think, is adhering to some “correct” version of the Sorting process. You’re free to think so, but I’d call it pretty presumptuous. It’s not “correct” in any verifiable sense; it’s just your opinion, and you don’t get to impose it on my choices.

          • ImTotallyBatman

            Well, I mean, it’s less a sweeping generalization, and more of a logical fact, when you think about it. If you like Harry Potter, it means that you like what J.K. Rowling wrote. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, you REALLY like what she wrote, and hold it in high regard (at least compared to other books). You literally can’t like Harry Potter and simultaneously not like what J.K. wrote about it, because she wrote IT. So yes, if you’re a Harry Potter fan, that is almost literally defined as someone who prizes J.K. Rowling’s thoughts.

            Please don’t misunderstand, I don’t think you “have” to accept J.K. Rowling’s decision on your house or the sorting process, and I’ve tried to make that clear. I’m simply saying that we should take it into account, and consider if her opinion on the Wizarding World should hold any merit. I think she knows what she’s talking about, but that’s just me. If you disagree, I’m not stopping you.

          • DC

            It doesn’t follow logically and it isn’t a fact. “I’m a Harry Potter fan” does not equal “I value and agree with what JK Rowling says.” You might agree with her and value her perspective in *some* ways or in some contexts, but still disagree with other aspects and prefer your own. It’s entirely possible to love a series and think its creator is an offensive idiot (e.g., Orson Scott Card). It’s entirely possible to enjoy a creator’s world and characters and then reimagine your own, different version because you like it better (fanfics). Fans can disagree with Rowling and still enjoy Harry Potter.

            More to the point, this isn’t a good-faith response to the argument I was making in my original post. I said I disagreed with doctrinaire fans who prioritize JK Rowling’s word (or, in your case, what they assume her word would be) above individual fans’ freedom to imagine and roleplay. For you to say, “But all fans respect JK Rowling” is a straw-man argument. It’s not a response to what I actually said. And IMO, even if it were, it still wouldn’t be true. Enjoying a fantasy world does not categorically mean respecting its author.

          • ImTotallyBatman

            Okay, listen. You think I’m using a straw-man? Your whole response is a giant straw-man! (And part of that straw-man is accusing mine of being a straw-man, which is just getting confusing.)

            This whole time, we have been discussing Harry Potter “fans.” Now, you seem to be confusing the term “fan” for “average Joe that just happened to flip through the first chapter while waiting for a bus one day.” See, a “fan” is defined as “an ardent admirer or enthusiast,” so a Harry Potter fan is “an ardent admirer or enthusiast” of J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World. In other words, if you are a Harry Potter fan, you have to like at least most of what J.K. Rowling thought up for the books. If you don’t, then by definition, So unless you’re trying to argue that the dictionary isn’t a fact when it comes to English definitions, it kind of is a fact.

            I’m not saying that you have to agree with every single philosophy that an author has had in order to enjoy his/her work, but you have to at least respect the various aspects of that work if you want to claim to be a fan. Moreover, if you’re going to do a role-play (such as by going through the sorting process and taking it to heart) you cannot simply pick and choose your favorite parts of the series. I can’t say that I’m a Twilight fan because “I liked the super powers in that one scene.”

            When you say that “It’s entirely possible to enjoy a creator’s world and characters and then reimagine your own, different version because you like it better,” that’s fine, but you have to accept that you’re no longer in the author’s world; you’re in your own. And unfortunately, Pottermore exists outside of our control. If you want to change your Pottermore experience, that’s one thing, but you can’t say that you’re still “role-playing” Harry Potter.

            If you want to role-play in “your” world or a “fan’s” world because you think it’s “better,” then go right ahead! But Pottermore is officially J.K. Rowling’s world, and if you want to role-play in her world, I think you should abide by her rules,

            But as I’ve said in every single reply I’ve made, you can do what you want! I’m not telling you that you have to experience Pottermore one way; I’m saying that these are the established rules in the lore, and if you want to play out the experience in that way (like I did), only then must those rules be abided.

            I really don’t understand why this is such a huge discussion. You shared your opinion; I accepted it and shared mine. I don’t know how or why this turned into a massive debate about respecting “individual fans’ freedom [of imagination]” and oppressing human rights. Do what you want! Just be aware that it may not be canon.

          • DC

            Where does JK Rowling say that one must accept one’s first Pottermore sorting as definitive and “shouldn’t” retake the quiz? She doesn’t. You do.

            Where does anyone, anywhere, with any authority to make such a claim, assert that one’s initial Pottermore sorting is canon? It doesn’t. You do.

            You aren’t just expressing your opinion. You’re claiming it as some kind of established, verifiable rule to which correct or true fans should adhere. So you falsely attribute it to JK Rowling herself, the books, and the Potter community at large. That’s not ok with me because it’s not true, and supported with poor argumentation to boot.

            If you think that one can’t be a “fan” or “roleplay” without agreeing with and abiding by the initial sorting of Pottermore, you’re wrong. Plenty of fans re-sort themselves, and plenty more will say again and again that it doesn’t matter what Pottermore says: If you say you’re a Gryffindor, you’re a Gryffindor. Period. You disagree? Fine. But you don’t get to tell me I shouldn’t retake the sorting quiz. You don’t get to make unsubstantiated assertions about the canon status of Pottermore, the hypothetical opinions of JK Rowling, or the one true definition of Scotsman–I mean, “fan”–not without being challenged on it. I don’t expect to change your mind, but I’m not going to let this go just because you tell me it doesn’t matter. I think sound argumentation does matter. You haven’t made any good arguments, as far as I can see, and yet you’re still convinced that you’re right.

          • DC

            Also: You think I’m using a straw-man? Your whole response is a giant straw-man!

            Sorry, that kind of false syllogism only works on people who don’t know what a “straw-man” is. It means attributing to the other person an argument they didn’t make and then responding to it as if they had. I’m responding to arguments you actually made. They seem to have included implications and fallacies that you didn’t notice or intend, but that doesn’t make them my own invention. Nice try.

          • Vee

            I totally understand what you’re saying, this happened to me when I was sorted into Gryffindor, I started taking the whole bravery thing to another level. However, what panics me is that I’ll be sorted into another house and be totally thrown. Since we don’t know what this new test will be like, there’s a chance it might have the same “can’t take it back” quality that you’re describing. And if it’s not a test, and it’s just “choose your house” then doesn’t that kind of also take the fun out of it? I get a feeling 80% of the fandom will pick Gryffindor (myself included).

          • DC

            Yes!! I totally admit that, even with my issues with Slytherin, I’m kind of hoping for a second Slytherin sorting just to avoid the cognitive dissonance that comes with getting mixed results. I also remember the feeling of, “Oh, everybody’s going to want to be in X house.” Except I assumed everyone would want to be in Ravenclaw…which paradoxically made me *not* want to be in Ravenclaw because I hate feeling like part of the herd. (Obviously that also ruled out Gryffindor, and since I know I’m not a Hufflepuff, by process of elimination Slytherin totally made sense.)

            Just to clarify some of the other things I’ve said here–I think it’s awesome if people want to champion their OWN Pottermore sortings (whether on principle or just because you like it). But as you say, if the new Pottermore puts you somewhere else, does that cancel out the old one? If you love Gryffindor and feel like a Gryffindor and were a PM.1 Gryffindor, surely you don’t have to stop being a Gryffindor just because PM.2 puts you in Ravenclaw?

            I also suspect those certificates we were allowed to print off might come in handy in some way. But yeah, if you get sorted somewhere else, it’ll just be an exercise in choosing for yourself when the “right” choice is ambiguous (which it often is in real life). For whatever it’s worth, it sounds to me like you’re a Gryffindor…and not just because everyone is. I’d be ok with being sorted there, but it wouldn’t be my first choice unless I knew for sure it were “true.”

          • Vee

            Aw, thanks for saying I seem like a Gryffindor. That means something to me which is sad I guess since we’re in the comments section of a website called “Mugglenet”.

            In conclusion, I just hope the new test will be a better version of the previous test. Which, after all, was designed by JK, which is what gave it weight.

          • Vee

            Oh, and don’t even get me STARTED on the wands.

        • Jim Walton

          I was lucky, I got Ravenclaw first time around, which was what I wanted. Now that data has been erased without my knowing or consent, I’ll be forced to do it again. I may not be so fortunate now, do I care? Not really, tbh. Though I think we should have been given the option to retain our old accounts and start a new one, if we wanted to.

        • DC

          Hi ImTotallyBatman,

          I’ve been giving this some more thought, and I wanted to apologize for bringing an unwanted level of acrimony to this conversation. It’s pretty clear that you weren’t trying to pick a fight or force me to agree with you: for what it’s worth, I really was mainly trying to convince myself that it was ok to reject the Slytherin identity I’d held for so long just because it felt bad to me. No matter how beneficial that choice might be in real life, it does seem to conflict on some deep level with the “spirit” of the game and of the Potterverse as a whole. So I understand where you’re coming from in trying to stay as faithful as possible to the original story–and you’re certainly right that that feeling of authenticity matters a lot to many, many fans. I’m sorry to have argued so hard about it, and I hope you continue to enjoy the Pottermore experience as it evolves. One way or another, hopefully we’ll both end up in Houses best suited to our identities–natural and chosen–both in-universe and in real life. Best wishes, –DC

          • ImTotallyBatman

            Not to worry, DC; no hard feelings at all. Trust me, I know better than most how important Harry Potter – and by extension, the Houses – can be to us. Likewise, I’m also sorry if I came across as too argumentative or uncompromising, or else if it seemed that I was putting Hogwarts’s rules over your real-life happiness and well-being. Please, truly go with the House that will make you the happiest; after all, the Sorting Hat does take your choice into account.

            I hope t Harry continues to provide a positive impact in your life, and remember, as a wise man once said: “I? I see myself holding a pair of thick, woolen socks.” “Nitwit. Blubber. Oddment. Tweak.” (Eh, it’s better.)

            All the best,
            – ImTotallyBatman

        • DC

          Thinking back to this discussion (newly-sorted Gryffindor, and I plan to stay there)–I think one problem with the “Pottermore sorting = as close as we can get to Sorting Hat sorting” idea is that the two methods don’t approach evidence in the same way. In the books, the Sorting Hat takes all available evidence into account when making its decision. Memories, character traits, personal preference, literally everything possible that could be taken into account. The Pottermore quiz, on the other hand, basically asks us to exclude all evidence except itself. It’s a question of comprehensiveness vs an extremely, EXTREMELY narrow selection of available evidence. So I don’t think people who take Pottermore’s sorting as canon are really approximating the Sorting Hat at all: if anything, they’re doing the opposite. The only way Pottermore’s result could *really* be the same as the Sorting Hat’s would be if it happened to line up with what all the other evidence works out to as well.

          Fortunately, there are many fans for whom this is the case, which is awesome and validating. But saying “all the other evidence points mostly to Hufflepuff, but Pottermore says Ravenclaw, so that’s what the Sorting Hat would say” is just silly.

  • sylar66

    I don’t have any more or less love of this new site to the old one.
    Mobile device layout is a long sought after feature for many.
    The addition of film stills is still somewhat debatable, but as it seems this new site is as much about the same things as the old one, as well as the new films and other things related to the Potter universe, it may seem appropriate. (As long as the beautiful artwork is still the primary source!)
    Games and Quizzes were a mere novelty for me, I was more interested in the new information provided by J.K. Rowling, which is now easier to access. (Who else was annoyed when you had some impossible task to complete in order to access the information?)
    Overall, I do prefer the simplicity of this new site but I will miss the old ones traditional, nostalgic feel.

    As “Vee” asks;
    Fair question.
    I would imagine that the answer is yes, as there seems to be no link to the old site.
    I’m sure that this will upset people who don’t get sorted into the same house as before, but as this new site seems to be much more open, and less connected on an individual level, it may well be a test you can take multiple times.

  • runefairy

    I’m pretty disappointed. I would have liked to see MORE interactive material. Now there’s none. Absolutely none. How useless.

  • cristina

    i absolutely hate the new site !!!! i don’t want to READ about the wizard world anymore i want to play in it !!! This is total crap !!! please please please change it back !! It was my only outlet of fun and now it has been ruined.

  • hatoob

    I am so, so sad! And i could add so many more sad’s to that sentence. I loved the old Pottermore site, i just loved it. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate it that Pottermore is in constant development, but this?

    Where is the magic? Where is the lovely, detailed, Hogwarts-like style and artwork? Where are the funny, quirky games? The great hall, the common rooms? And most importantly: Where are the moments? These were all beautiful pieces of art and now it’s all gone, just like this? I can’t believe they have done this.

    Of course I’m excited that we will finally get the Patronus Test and more writing by JKR, but at what price? Again: I’m so sad!

  • Gryffindor_Seeker_7

    I’ll miss the feel of the old Pottermore, but I’m glad the information is now more readily accessible. I absolutely love the new stuff about the Potter family! It’s so interesting to hear more about the cloak, Harry’s fortune, and his ancestors.
    The new Sorting test will be interesting. What if people get put in different houses this time around? Time for an identity crisis I suppose.

  • Cody Covington

    Wow, I really regret waiting until all the Pottermore books came out to play it. Now it looks like I’ll never be able to experience it :/

    • F-Lambda

      Same here; I only got half-way through the first book.

  • Arcade

    Horrible redesign. It’s lost all it’s charm, they could have used the old design and improved navigation, which I’m guessing was the main issue. No more art, no music, heavy focus on the movies, what the flip!

    You’re a clickbait, Harry. Seriously, looks like Buzzfeed with clickbait headlines, 8 reasons to love Draco!

    More like Potternomore am I right?

  • Jacklyn

    My heart just dropped. The Pottermore was my life. I loved the fact of being able to interact as a Hogwarts student. We obviously love the books and movies, and pretty much know most of the secrets and cool stuff about Harry Potter. We want to be able to live it, and this was as close as I was going to get to becoming a student. Bring the old Website back!!!!

  • Lisa

    I agree with everyone’s disappointed comments. I feel like the site is being “dumbed down” almost, with no more book chapters and plenty of pics from the movies. It’s like there’s more and more focus on people who’ve only seen the movies and who might get “intimidated” by book content and images. Like so many others, I grew up reading the books and loved them long before WB and their million dollar industry came along. The movies are ok, but there should be a sharp line between Rowling’s writing and Kloves, IMO.

  • Eumesmo

    I liked the way it was before. It was incredibly charming, and I used to love to explore the moments, get random badges, and I absolutely adored finding out the movements that you ought to do with your wand for different spells and even more so to actually see that in use in the duels. Heck, even the potions feature was fun for a while. I’m very glad that I got to enjoy that time of Pottermore. Alas, I don’t think I will be accessing it any longer with this update.

  • Hermione

    Re: “read brand new writing by J.K. Rowling (yes, it’s canon!)” I think it’s up to us as the fans, not necessarily the author, as to whether or not to consider the new information as “canon.”

    • ImTotallyBatman

      Er…I’m pretty sure J.K. Rowling knows the world she created better than even the biggest fans. I’ll trust her judgement on what she says is canon (even if I hate the new site).

      I mean, one look at fanfiction is all the proof I need to think that it shouldn’t be up to the fans.

      • frrfe

        i sure don’t trust her judgment, she have said the silliest things over the years, often contradicting herself.

        • Anon

          It’s J.K. Rowling’s work and if she says it’s canon then you have to accept that it is. She is the only person who gets to dictate what is and isn’t canon to the bookverse.

          She rarely contradicts herself. The new writing on Pottermore enhances the books. Nothing she has revealed changes the events of the books timeline.

          Though I don’t like the new layout of Pottermore. It doesn’t look good, the movie content should not be there, and would it kill them to set up a menu for us to easily find things. It’s like you’re searching in the dark the way it is now. That they need to change.

  • Hermione

    Okay, I just read the Potter family history…the way it was written, the lack of style I suppose, was mind-numbing! It’s all just words…and words, and more words! Arrrgggghhh! It’s like Binns’ History of Magic class!

  • Hermione

    Now it just seems like “Wizard Pinterest” 🙁

  • DC

    Yeah, this is not an inviting site so far. I hope they’re just waiting to add new stuff as they develop it. Maybe the old site was just too much work to maintain and moderate, but it sure was addictive. And those graphics! Man, nostalgia in a bottle.

    Still, this is new and different and I bet they’ll figure it out. These are the same people who brought us PM 1, right? So I’m ok with giving them time to show off their awesome. Mugglenet, let us know when it gets good! 🙂

  • jen

    do we still have our old accounts or are they gone forever?

    • Lily

      Gone forever

  • I’m afraid to go on it. I’ll just wait for the Patronus test! The only good thing is not having to sign in and search for information, but rather getting to click a link that will lead you straight to it.

  • Guest

    The site died when they got rid of in-site chatting. This moment was inevitable. It was nice knowing you while you lasted, Pottermore. I’m not interested in Buzzfeed: Daily Prophet edition.

  • hgythyt

    well, that new pottermore sucks, nothing more than a stupid blog, what a waste

  • Kat

    Can your next site quiz be what people think of the new Pottermore? Because I personally think its a travesty of the original website. I’m curious to see if anyone actually likes it.

  • MagicandCastles

    I was hoping it would be like the lexicon but with all the new stuff. But to me it’s really badly laid out. They’ve done this odd colour coding and not grouped all the sections anywhere simple to find- if there’s a colour for spells why not have a spells header where I can click and then get to a list of spells that I can click and find out more about, there’s a reason most of the web runs on menu systems!

    There should be a gallery somewhere of all the moments artwork at the very least. I think they should have left the old one up even if it’s not looked after or maintained any more- at least for a little while then they could compare which the fans prefer.

    It’s a very half finished website as well, they’ve chosen a handful of characters to write about- a well thought out fan site would have put all the minor people in too, like Hepzibar Smith (she was my challenge for the site to come up with in the search and it fails!) and just given you what there was in the book if nothing new (like an encyclopaedia you might say!)

    And don’t get me started on all the film connections, I thought Pottermore was supposed to be about the books? But agin I would have been happy with a ‘films’ link in a menu that I could have avoided if wanted to.

    If I want news and lists I’ll carry on coming to Mugglenet as I have been for the past 15 odd years, where I know the writers are real fans and we’ll probably get faster and more accurate info. It’s an odd feature to stick things like that on Pottermore- it was supposed to be an accompaniment to the books not an ad for the odd franchising that Harry Potter has turned into.

    It should always be about 7 fantastic books because that’s all it needs to be about to attract fans attention.

  • Matt Phillips

    What a bunch of negative Nevilles! The old site was boring after all the moments were revealed. How much frog spawn do I need? I just want to read new stuff and the new site gives me this without having to search for things.

    • Anon

      Actually, you do need to go searching because the new information isn’t all linked. Slughorn’s birthday and wand is new, but you only find it if you go through the character profiles and most you have to find by searching for them. Nothing is linked properly.

  • shivla

    I agree. Pottermore has improved so much. It is now so much better plus they are going to bring everything back to it soon. Wait and see!

  • Alex

    Дочитавши нещодавно сьому книгу Гаррі Поттера, я вирішив відвідати сайт Pottermore, бо чув, що там є інтерактивні книги, розподіл на факультети, вибір чарівної палички, але Pottermore повністю змінився і втратив свою магію. :^(
    Сподіваюсь розробники перероблять сайт більш схожим на попередню версію!!

  • Ziaw

    I have to say until now I am disappointed despite the promises. The old Pottermore was so much fun and more like a online Hogwarts. There’s common room and Great Hall which made it so interesting and feel like you are one of the students. Besides, we can make friends through dueling and it’s so nice. It’s just so different, magical, interesting, interactive… But this new one though. I feel like it doesn’t connect people/students/wizards together but just a site like many said, a sort of blog for news updates. What is the difference between this and the rest of HP news sites? The old one is so much better

    Despite that I’m still following closely for more updates and hope when everything is up on Pottermore it will not be disappointing. I will look forward. I still love HP!!!!

  • MagicM

    My heart dropped the moment I saw the new Pottermore sight. Where did all the magic go? This sucks. If I wanted to read some blog about HP I would’ve gone to another site. The thing that made it interesting was that it was different from all the other sites, now it’s not. I’m so disappointed.

    I haven’t had the chance to explore everything on the old Pottermore and now it looks like I never will.

    Please bring the old Pottermore back!!!!

  • EnJoyce

    I think the new site is fine as a companion site to the old one but not as a replacement. Whilst there were problems with the old site they have missed the point that some people want to feel like we are also a part of the story – the old site provided some of that fantasy. The new site has potential for lots of information but the anticipation of getting your wand, discovering diagon alley and hogwarts, getting sorted, competing for the house cup etc is gone.

  • Jim Walton

    And who designed that video? Pretty dull, when you think of the creative and arty 2011 introduction with the pages morphing into scenes from the books.

    • F-Lambda

      They knew the hate was coming and they don’t allow comments or downvoting!

  • jasmine

    I hate y’all! Why did you do this to us?? You heartless beasts!!!

  • Donna

    I tried to give my feedback on the site, but their answers are canned so I am unable to tell them what I really think. Maybe they will read my comment here The magic is gone. Site is great for reading but doesn’t connect people like before. Please bring back the old site. There was no email communication and I had no idea it changed until I went in the other day. The rollout was handled badly. They have disappointed a lot if fans.

    • 20llarson

      Exactly. In the “Send us Feedback” section, it’s all multiple choice, and none of the choices really fit with what I think of it! It’s like they don’t actually want feedback at all. >:(

  • Katy Sarah

    Not really interested in the new site… There’s updating it and then there’s this. It’s a completely different website now (which I guess was the point???) I’ve visited it a couple of times and yeah it’s cool finding out new info even though the books are done (which you could do on the old site anyway), but it’s not a website i can spend hours on and still have fun anymore. It’s more of a take a glance and then leave website now… The reason it was so popular before is because fans got to feel like they were enrolled in Hogwarts (online Hogwarts), but now its just like reading Buzzfeed articles. Not too fun.

  • Jack Binch

    Big dissappointment today as I was trying to log on to pottermore to realise everything had gone to hell. I loved the feeling of being a hogwarts student get your own wand making potions and dueling while searching through the pages of harry potter looking for little secrets and items.

  • Mady

    I hate it…I miss going through the books in order and looking at all of the amazing artwork.

  • Sunny

    Seriously WTF happened to the old site? Now there’s no login system and honestly, it seems quite dull.

  • Melanie V

    I’m really pissed off and disappointed at the new pottermore site. I can’t log in to my old accounts and look through the chapters and find ingredients and doing wand duels. The new site is dull and boring!

  • Allilala

    I’m so sad, and my poor daughter has been waiting ’til she was old enough to jump in…

  • KawaiiDoge

    I am so sad and disappointed to find that the moments are not accessible any more. Why would they delete all this wonderfull artwork? Even if they don’t plan on updating the moments, they could at least have left them, as they were. I never even finished going through all T_T.
    They succeded in removing the magic…
    What I enjoyed about the old pottermore was of course the new content from JKR, but what made this awesome was the way in wich they presented it! I loved being in a house, commenting with the others on moments and even the occasional minigame.
    I am already to old to have been that immersed in the pottermore community, but imagine how devastating it must have been for the kids to find out their account with all of their badges, ingredients, etc. is gone.

    One can only hope they will see reason after some time as by this comment section it seems I am not alone in thinking that.

  • royalempress

    This is very disappointing! I really loved the old site where everyone belonged to a house it made me feel I was really in Hogwarts. Now it looks plain normal not magical at all they muggled it up :((
    I hope they return the old site back again I miss my Slytherin house :/

  • <>

    Okay, okay, what’s with all the hate guys?

    … Who am I kidding, the new Pottermore sucks! Nothing to do, only flip around the blog pages for nothing unique. For me, Pottermore was unique and that’s why I joined it. Now, it’s just another useless blog. Sigh… what has the site come to? Well, bye guys, I guess I’m going to HEXrpg now. Change it back, people, change it back! Nobody can live with this!

    • stayill

      thanks so much for mentioning hexrpg! just signed up, looks neat. will see how this goes~

  • Don Phoenix

    I’ve been around the sight and still didn’t see any quizzes to determine House, Wand, or Patronus. Does “soon” mean this side of the decade?

  • Ashley

    I’m very disappointed. I didn’t even get to finish to the end of Deathly Hallows. I liked the Interactive part about it. Why couldn’t they just have two sections of the site. Of course I like finding out new things about Harry Potter, I will always be a fan. However, the fun part of Pottermore was the interactive part of it. I’ll still check out the new site, but I get the feeling they’re going to lose a lot of fans with this. Couldn’t they have this blog part and keep the Interactive part?

  • anonymouswitch

    i could never create a pottermore account because i did not have a decent email and i always REALLY wanted to make one. when i did get a decent account i was shocked of how much it had change ( dident now it was changing got to busy reading about the new
    wild beast and where to find ). please change it back and make and make dozens of potter fans happy again ( or write a 8th book j.k your choice 🙂 ).

  • Lena

    the new site makes me want to cry

  • Ashley Lynn Lockner

    Not very happy with this change. I didn’t get to finish the story and I stopped received emails for whatever reason so I am gone for a little due to life changes and this happens. I don’t understand why they couldn’t have both sites. The hardcore fans will probably still come back and they know it but it won’t be a frequently as it used to be by any means.

  • TheGreatestManWhoEverLived

    I get that sites need to improve to draw in new fans, but improvement doesn’t mean taking away interactive stuff that was featured before. They said some stuff would be back “soon”…that was back in September of 2015, and now it’s January of 2016 and “soon” still has yet to come.

    • KawaiiDoge

      November now, and no sight of anything returning. All of this amazing artwork simply gone. 🙁

  • Ivy

    I was very confused when I tried to sign into my account after not using it for a long time. What happened? Everything I liked about the site is gone: the games, looking for hidden treasures inside the illustrated stories, making potions, winning house points, and my awesome username. I would delete my profile, but I can’t even do that either.

  • Cassia Nicole

    I’m sad… it took me a few minutes going through the site to realize that the interactivity is gone! I’m sad. I didn’t get a chance to finished it! I wanted to restart it! BOO BRING BACK THE GAME!!!!

    • DreamerTillDawn

      I never finished it either. I had an account since 2012 and was waiting until all the books came out to marathon the moments and am incredibly disappointed I missed out since I only got to book 2 🙁

  • Piya

    This new version is boring. The exploring fun and the magical games are now all gone. What are they expecting? People will just come to this site to look at the pictures and latest promotions? The only good thing left are the exclusive writings. Bring back the old stuff or the site is going to go up the list of “FLOPS OF THE CENTURY”

  • vaishnavi.sudarsan

    I am new to the whole thing… I want to join pottermore, but I am not able to join the new one…

  • Dave

    I and my family will be back when something similar to the old site comes back.

  • Shayn

    I miss the old pm, I feel like a muggle.

  • Urgh

    I bet they don’t even bother to read these comments… I WANT THE OLD POTTERMORE BACK!!! This is just messed… I am sooo annoyed. WTH even is this 🙁 Thanks for destroying my life:)

  • Aimee

    Why? I just don’t understand why this had to happen. This makes my heart hurt.

  • Nastassia Nobile Farley

    Somebody please help me. How do I find the Harry Potter moments from the books. I’m new to pottermore

    • KawaiiDoge

      they got removed. T.T I also didn’t get the chance to finish them. It was such a nice experience too…