“Harry Potter” Now Available as an Apple iBook

Just two days after the release of Jim Kay’s illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone, we have been treated yet again by J.K. Rowling in collaboration with Apple and Pottermore.

From today, all seven Harry Potter novels are available as iBooks from Apple’s iBooks store. Not only is purchasing a digital Harry Potter book now much easier than the prior Pottermore Kindle and Amazon version, but it is also far more extraordinary.

Annotations from Rowling herself have been added to the novels, marked suitably with quill icons. In addition, beautiful illustrations and exciting animations now fill the pages, making it a brand new visual experience altogether. New fonts and customized redesigned covers are also additions that make this release unique.

Rowling states that she is “thrilled” to see the iBooks brought to the audience and has expressed excitement concerning how the artwork and animations have “brought the stories alive in a new way.”

Find out more in the video below:



Each novel currently runs for $9.99 on the iBooks Store and can be purchased from 30 countries, including the US and the UK. Although currently only available in English, languages such as French, German, and Spanish can be pre-ordered from the iBook store. The iBooks will also be available in 18 more countries on November 9.

If you’ve made a purchase for any of the seven iBooks today, let us know what your favorite new addition to the books was in the comments. If not, let us know what you’re most excited to see!

  • hatoob

    As excited as I am, from the samples it just looks like it’s all content seen before on the old Pottermore. Now the whole Pottermore situation just got even sader. It feels like they only put it down so they can now sell the originally free content…

  • Felix Scamander

    This isn’t that cool.

  • Liz Martin

    Especially when it’s only available on IOS

  • Elect Exile

    The enhanced editions are somewhat disappointing. The animations are nice but there is no sound. And there are only a few annotations by Rowling. Given how much extra material was written for Pottermore, I expected more. Anything Harry Potter should be absolutely top notch.

  • Emma C.

    I love them. Any new material wether it be the animations, or the annotations will be adored by me! I don’t care that there aren’t as many as I hoped, it is still another form of media for this amazing world. For me, anything that JK Rowling publishes is something that I have to love.

  • Central City Flash Founder

    So much for Pottermore being free for everyone, now it’s only for the super rich Apple users!

  • Evey Hammond

    This girl is nice and all but I’m still ticked off that Pottermore no longer has the moments and the journey through the books. Just because the readers are now young adults didn’t mean the moments weren’t fun. What I want is series of ebooks with all the moments and activities from the old Pottermore site, not a set with a few animated chapter illustrations. The whole old Pottermore site in ebook form. I want my wand and sorting back, the things I collected on the site, the awards I got housed in the ebooks. I feel robbed that the things I did and got were taken away. Does anyone feel the same?

  • No dobby w

    Well, that went down real nice with the fans, Rowling. There are other authors are out there ready to give them what you took away. 😉

  • Nicole

    is anyone else having trouble with the annotations? I get a popup of a quill picture but no new info