Watch a Clip from Evanna Lynch’s “Addiction: A 60’s Love Story”

Addiction: A 60’s Love Story, formerly titled Dynamite, is a grim indie drama that follows Max Bornstein (Ian Harding), a heroin addict, and his wife Theresa (Evanna Lynch) as Max deals with his seedy job in the adult film industry and concealing his addiction from his wife. The film was picked up for worldwide distribution by Breaking Glass Pictures and released in theaters earlier this year.

A short clip of the film highlights Evanna’s character Theresa as she deals with the emotional pitfalls of her husband’s absence. You can watch it below.

Based on the true story of Max Bornstein, the co-writer of the script, Addiction explores the themes of drug addiction and redemption. Evanna’s character in this film is monumentally different from her role as the whimsical Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter. While Luna is teased for her eccentricities throughout her school life at Hogwarts, she maintains her jovial – if somewhat spaced-out – disposition. She is the girl who has a “permanently surprised look” and isn’t afraid of Thestrals, whereas Theresa is seen experiencing much stronger emotions as Addiction progresses, driven by fear, helplessness, and despondence.

The film will be available on DVD as well as VOD on November 3. What do you think of Evanna Lynch’s performance in this short clip? Have you already seen the film? If not, are you looking forward to seeing it? Let us know in the comments below!

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