In Support of a Quidditch World Cup Attraction

This month marks eight years since Middlebury College and Vassar College faced off in the first Muggle Quidditch World Cup. The full contact sport has become a worldwide phenomenon with hundreds of people embracing the game and tradition, whether they are playing on the pitch or watching from the stands. However, not everyone will get an opportunity to mount a broom and catch a Snitch in their lifetime. Or could they?

If you have visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, you are well aware of the magic within. Universal Studios in itself is an incredible piece of work where the attractions are capable of transporting you throughout cinematic history. Now with the Potter land coming to Hollywood, I have high hopes that one day we will have a Quidditch-themed attraction so fans can partake in the best sport around.


So what would my pitch (pun intended) be? Anyone who has visited a Universal Studios park knows that the attractions are well designed to fulfill all imaginations. My vision for a Quidditch ride would be modeled after Minion Mayhem and the popular Simpsons ride. While waiting in line, you would be awaiting entrance into this year’s Quidditch World Cup, and you would have the hottest ticket in town. Informationals about the background of the sport would play with demonstrations of each position on the team, including trivia about the two teams competing for the title (in my head, the Chudley Cannons vs. the Holyhead Harpies; you’ll see why later).

After being admitted into the attraction, your group would be sent to your cart, designed to look like spectators seating (think the Simpsons’ roller coaster cart). 3D glasses in tow, you are lifted into the Quidditch World Cup Arena, except, not really. First you’re on the pitch at Hogwarts, and Oliver Wood (dreamy as ever) is going to teach you how to play so that you truly enjoy the experience. Wood takes you from position to position; you save a Quaffle from entering a goal hoop as a Keeper, you soar through the air and score as a Chaser, you practice dodging Bludgers as a Beater, and you even get a chance to follow the Snitch around. Afterward, Wood brings you to the ground to offer you a Portkey, which brings you to the World Cup.


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Is this not the most awesome ride ever? Well, it’s not over (in my dreams, anyway). Ginny Weasley (who went on after Hogwarts to play for the Holyhead Harpies) flies up to meet you and asks if you would be willing to step in and play for a teammate who got hurt during practice. Who are you to say no? You find yourself performing in the World Cup and accomplish your wildest dreams. The ending to the ride I’ve yet to envision (you’d probably catch the Snitch and win the game since the chance of Daniel Radcliffe willing to reprise his role is unlikely).

Remember, this is simply my wild imagination, hopes, and dreams. Most of my inspiration comes from years of playing the Quidditch World Cup video game for PC (one that many of us still hope for a sequel of some day). Additionally, the prospect of this ever being a reality is small since a virtual tour online shows prospective park visitors what to expect this coming spring at the Universal Studios Hollywood. I shall forever keep the faith for this to be a reality someday.

For anyone who wishes to witness Muggle Quidditch before their eyes, I encourage you to keep up to date on upcoming matches and tournaments through the International Quidditch Association and US Quidditch. There is also a fantastic film on Netflix entitled Mudbloods, which follows the UCLA Quidditch team on its journey to the World Cup. This year’s World Cup will take place in South Carolina on April 16-17.

Here are some other things we’d love to see at a future Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Lizzie S.

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