Second Wave of “Harry Potter” POP! Vinyl Figures Revealed!

Earlier this year, Funko POP! released the first set of collectible Harry Potter POP! Vinyl figures. Now, as reports, the set of Harry Potter Wave 2 figures has surfaced!

The figures in the second wave include outfit changes for some characters, as well as the addition of six characters not previously featured as POP! Vinyls.

As shown in the renderings on, the Harry Potter figure is dressed for the Triwizard Tournament, while the Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley figures are both dressed for the Yule Ball. The Albus Dumbledore figure, meanwhile, is dressed in his purple robes from Half-Blood Prince.

Given the POP! treatment for the first time in Wave 2 are some fan favorites: Draco Malfoy, Sirius Black, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Dobby, and even a Dementor! Check out the concept art below:



While these figures are subject to change and have yet to be officially confirmed, the second wave of Harry Potter POP! Vinyls looks like it will be magical!

Are you excited that more Harry Potter POP! Vinyl figures are coming? Which characters would you like to see made into POP! Vinyls? Tell us in the comments below!

  • Annoyed

    There should be a Ginny figure if Luna, Neville, and Draco are getting one. I’m tired of her being ignored. She is as important a character as the others.

    • Problem is that people outside the fandom think that Ginny’s just someone to keep a Happily-Ever-After situation because Hermione was “taken”. Ugh.

      • Anonymous

        People inside the fandom think it too 🙂

  • Ultron

    So next we need:
    Hedwig (Probably with another Harry variant)
    Luna with Spectrespecs

    • I agree… Also what’s up with Hermione?! She looks like a Weasley.

    • And these are a little to pricey for my taste but I WILL buy the Lupin one if it comes out.

  • Craig Fisk

    We want Mcgonagall, Flitwick, Bellatrix, Hedwig, Ginny, Norbert, Fluffy, Fang everyone

  • Sara

    Oh my gosh I’m so excited for the DOBBY FUNKO!!! I love dobby. I think it’d be awesome if someday they make a kreacher, hedwig, crookshanks, and a scabbers pop!