MuggleNet’s Christmas Crossovers: Christmas with the Weasleys

The holiday spirit is in full swing here at MuggleNet, and with that, we have decided to take our favorite holiday films and recast them using Potter characters. One of my favorite Christmas movies to watch with family is Christmas with the Kranks, starring Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis. The plot is simple, with Luther and Nora Krank deciding to take a cruise instead of celebrating Christmas, while their daughter, Blair, has left for the Peace Corps. The community reacts poorly to the news that the Kranks are hosting the block’s annual Christmas Eve party and when Nora announces she’s coming home for the holiday with her new boyfriend. Chaos and hilarity ensue to deliver the greatest Christmas yet and make sure Nora never finds out her parents, meanwhile, plan to skip Christmas altogether. I recommend it to anyone looking for a new holiday classic; it will have you laughing from start to finish. Here’s my dream casting of a Potter version of the tale.

1.Luther & Nora Krank: Arthur & Molly Weasley

When picking a family to center this story around, the Weasleys jumped right out to me. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley have the same fun and loving spirit as the Kranks. With all their children grown up and moved out, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley would love to indulge in a festive cruise to the islands after their only daughter, Ginny, has taken off for Auror training and won’t return home until next Christmas. As popular and joyful as Arthur and Molly are, the wizard community would be quite disappointed about not attending their holiday party at the Burrow. Similar to Luther and Nora Krank, Arthur would be determined to stand by their no-Christmas decision while Molly idly stood by, desperate to engage in some holiday action.

xmas with the weasleys molly:nora


2. Vic Frohmeyer: Kingsley Shacklebolt

Vic Frohmeyer is the community, so to say. All gossip goes through him, and he is left in charge to make sure everything goes as planned. When Vic learns about the Kranks skipping Christmas, he attempts to push them into the holiday spirit in any way possible. I imagine a young Kingsley Shacklebolt doing the same, whereas this character eventually rallies the block together to put together a party in a number of hours for Blair’s return. No one really wants to help the two fools, but Vic reminds everyone that the help isn’t for Luther and Nora; it’s for Blair, whom everyone adores.

xmas with the weasleys vic kingsley


3. Walt Scheel: Lucius Malfoy

The potential villain but definite antagonist of this film, Walt is constantly at Luther’s throat. While it is nowhere near as violent or threatening as Lucius and Arthur, the feeling of dislike between the two is the same. Walt sends over cheerful carolers to sing outside of Luther’s house as a way to bother the couple, and Luther uses a cold water hose to freeze Walt’s cat temporarily in an ice fixture. Toward the end of the film, Luther does give a generous gift, the cruise, to Walt and his terminally ill wife, as a way to express some form of a Christmas olive branch. Would Arthur ever do the same for Lucius? Probably not, but Arthur would be the bigger man in any situation, which leads me to believe that in some universe, it just could work.

xmas with the weasleys walt lucius


4. Marty a.k.a. Santa: Luna Lovegood

One of the more confusing characters of this story is Marty a.k.a. Santa Claus. Marty is an ominous, all-knowing character who predicts in the first 20 minutes of the film that Luther will eventually need an umbrella. At the time, Marty is dressed as a Santa selling Santa-themed umbrellas during a horrendous rainstorm. Fast forward an hour and thirty minutes, and you’ll find Marty striking down a criminal attempting to rob Luther’s house with the exact same umbrella. I see Luna being a perfect Marty, or shall I say, Martha, for this film. Luna always says the most peculiar things but is one of the cleverest characters in their entire series. Both characters show up at the right moment with some insightful advice. No one really knows where either came from, but at the end, everyone is glad they were there the whole time.

xmas with the weasleys marty luna


5. Blair: Ginny

Obviously, Ginny would be Blair in this remake. Both have large hearts and an immense admiration for their parents. It’s clear in the small moments we see Blair that she is loved by all and keeps the community together, which can be said about Ginny as well. Arthur and Molly would bend over backward for their girl, as do Luther and Nora in this film for Blair.

xmas with the weasleys blair ginny


6. Enrique: Harry

Yes, Harry is the foreign boyfriend whom Ginny brings home for Christmas. In the movie, Blair brings her new boyfriend Enrique to experience his first white Christmas. Why would Harry be considered foreign? Not a redhead. Enrique is quickly loved by all and accepted into the family the same way Harry is brought in as an honorable Weasley.

xmas with the weasleys enrique harry

Wishing everyone around the world happy holidays from all of us here at MuggleNet.

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