CC #397: Week of December 27, 2015


Week of December 27, 2015

[divider] Newt: ‘In this suitcase I have the most amazing weapon. It will take down Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and One Direction. After it is used, we will live in a Utopian society.’
[divider] ‘Umm… not hiding my prized wizarding card collection in here. Nope, not at all! So, you can leave. Nothing to see here…’
[divider] Newt’s response to seeing TV footage of the Trump campaign.
[divider] ‘Is it a set of new clothes? I really hope it’s new clothes.’
[divider] Newt: ‘What do you mean that my suitcase can only weigh fifty pounds?’
[divider] Newt: No… I don’t have anything to declare…
*Creature noises coming from the case*
-The Doctor’s Daughter
[divider] ‘Finally, Fred and George sent me the Skiving Snackbox I ordered!’
-Sara and Kate
[divider] Step 1: Cut a hole in the box…
[divider] ‘Oh, no, you misheard me. I said STICK in a box. It’s a Bowtruckle.’
[divider] ‘I have a terrible feeling, Mr. Schrodinger, that when I open this case, the cat will be dead.’
[divider] [one_fourth]

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