Pottermore Sorting and Wand Quizzes Are Back!


For those who want to reclaim their House and wand, please note that you still have to make a new account with Pottermore. After you’ve made a new account, you can enter your old username to reclaim your House and wand! Learn more on Pottermore’s FAQ page, which also details how you can recover your username if you don’t remember it!

Today, Pottermore posted on its various social media outlets to announce that the Sorting and wand selection quizzes are back!

This will come as a welcome announcement for visitors  to the site, especially for users of the old design. In addition, there is an option for old users to reclaim their House and wand by entering their old username.

The news is also a welcome announcement for those fans who didn’t take the test before the old site went away (or weren’t able to convince/force all their family and friends to take it!).

Hopefully, bringing these quizzes back also means that the long-promised Patronus quiz is also on its way to Pottermore!

If you miss the old site, you can always peruse our Pottermore Moments Revisited feature to revisit the first three books on the site!

Will you be Sorted again (or perhaps for the first time!)? Or will you reclaim your old House and wand? Let us know in the comments!

  • Jinxx

    I used to be a Gryffindor, now I’m a Slytherin and I’m confused about how I feel because I love Slytherin, but I am really proud of being a Gryffindor. At least I have the same wand.

    • I always get either Slytherin or Hufflepuff. It’s pretty evenly split, and the real hat is supposed to take your preference as a big factor, so I cheated my way into Hufflepuff and did the wand test legit.

  • DoraNympha

    It’s great, finally, they’re back BUT I have the most annoying problem! I reclaimed my house and wand and every detail is correct except one: it now says my wand is “slightly springy” but it used to be “surprisingly swishy”, which I thought was hilarious and it’s on my Pottermore certificate sooo I want it back. Anyone else having this problem? I feel like this is too small a problem to contact Pottermore for, plus, I’m not sure how to even do that (I should contact the PM site creators not the PM Shop). Such a tiny error, so annyoing.

    • LorenaLuna

      I have the same issue, the other way round: I used to have “slightly springy” and now it’s “surprisingly swishy” – they seem to have exchanged these two by mistake. So maybe one should contact them about this problem.

      • DoraNympha

        Well, I have sent them a letter to request a correction. Here’s hoping they’ll actually do something about it. I wonder if this is a widespread glitch or we just got unlucky.

        • Kate

          I have the same problem. My original wand was surprisingly swishy instead of slightly springly. I hope they switch it back, I like my wand swishy.

          • DoraNympha

            Well, I sent them a letter and they got back to be quite soon but they basically said that unless we have a query about the terms and conditions or the privacy or the cookies on the site, then the FAQ should be the place to look at but, clearly, it’s not, so I’m guessing they’re not really going to do anything about it for now. :/ But, I mean, if others inquire about the same thing, maybe they’ll take more of a notice, but I doubt they care much right now, what with the new stuff about the wizarding schools and the HP celebration. If it’s an error that happened with every one of these wands, or a lot, then it must be a glitch in the system (I doubt someone retyped every single wand’s details by hand, making the same mistake everytime).

          • What address do we send our letters to?

          • DoraNympha

            I emailed them at info@support.pottermore.com, which was in the terms and I didn’t find any other plausible address but I may have overlooked something. I don’t really see any contact address for stuff like this error :/

          • No, I was just curious there was one, seeing as it didnt mention a PO box anywhere. Really thinking about it, Jo’d never let them. Look at Chapter Three of PS.

  • ME

    Ravenclaw through and through. The only difference now is my wand which is cypress with a core of dragon heart string, while my old one was hornbeam with unicorn hair.

  • Jestress

    Why in the world throw out those amazing illustrations that really helped you in choosing one answer or another… And instead use those HORRIBLE colored rectangles? For one thing, text-only is not nearly as suggestive as the lovely digital illustrations that were made for the original site. And secondly, if you’re like me and you quickly jump from one answer to the other, the entire quizz looks like it needs an epilepsy trigger-warning. It’s awful!

  • Selestina118

    I got Gryffindor again, so that was nice but my wand changed from Hazel+Unicorn, 11&1/2″, Hard to Rowan+Unicorn, 10&3/4″, Slightly Springy. I prefer my old wand, so in my mind I’m still that one. =)

  • Firenze

    This is the kind of news which should be punned on the front page. But it got drowned in a few hours.

  • gryffhuffslythraven

    I was a Gryffindor. now am a ravenclaw! holy crap! I don’t like it at all… I was hoping to get sorted into slytherin