• Anon

    The actor looks far too old to be playing an 11-year-old or there’s about. They keep saying the story is set 19 years later and the other child actors look alot younger.
    It’s a good thing I realise that the actors appearences won’t often correspond with the character they’re playing because the play is certainly being loose in their physical intrepretations of the characters. This is why I’m glad that I’ll be reading the script book before I ever possibly get to see the play itself. I can see the characters in my mind how they’re meant to look.

  • Tiffy

    he looks to old and his hair is brown. Scorpius hair is blonde! 🙁

  • Gerry

    Its amazing what make up and hair dye can do. And BTW i think you need to check Anthony Boyle’s origin.

    • Anon

      Make up can’t make him look like a pre-teen child. He is just someone we’ll have to suspend our disbelief with.