The “Harry Potter: Magical Places & Characters” Coloring Book Is Here!

After the smashing success of the first two Harry Potter adult coloring books, it’s only natural that more would be published – and the latest installment is on shelves now! The third offering for coloring enthusiasts is Harry Potter: Magical Places & Characters, and like its predecessors, this volume offers hours of coloring fun!

Check out our gallery to take a quick peek inside:



Many of the patterned designs in this book seem simpler than in previous coloring books, perhaps because the scenes themselves are extremely detailed. And though the title announces an emphasis on both places and characters, I found that the character pages were somewhat few and far between – understandable since there are so many wonderful locations to include in the category of “places”! A personal favorite was the wall of wand boxes à la Ollivanders because the book has left places for you to fill in names on the ends of the wand boxes, should you so desire.

All in all, this is an excellent addition to Scholastic’s line of Potter coloring books! Will you be picking up a copy?

  • No dobby w

    The world’s map, has plenty of characters and places to see and color if one knows how to find those evil beasts. The bears, shark, and clown are some of the most interesting to find. Awe, let’s not forget those masks. Try coloring that. 😉

  • Anon

    I’m glad to see Ginny has something of her own for once.

  • Margaret Brandon

    Love her.

    • Anon

      I like how she has a horse in her background design.