QC Boston Victory at US Quidditch Cup 9

The ninth annual US Quidditch Cup was held this past weekend in Columbia, South Carolina, and for the first time in three years, we have a new champion. After winning for three years in a row, the University of Texas at Austen has given up its title to QC Boston.

It was a very exciting weekend at the US Quidditch Cup. There were 60 teams that came to compete, but only one team could win. There were many thrilling games played by amazing athletes. It takes a lot of skill and athleticism to get this far, and all of the teams were fantastic.

The first day was filled with pool play matches. All of the teams were competing to get into the top 36 who would be playing in the bracket matches the next day. There were eight pitches, and each of them almost constantly had a game being played on them. Everywhere you looked, there were Quidditch matches being played or vendors selling Harry Potter and US Quidditch merch.

The second day of the US Quidditch Cup brought many eliminations – the teams were narrowed down from 32 to 1. The last match ended up being Rochester United vs. QC Boston. The championship match ended up going into overtime after the Seeker from Rochester United grabbed the Snitch and caused a tie. QC Boston ended up winning 140-130. My favorite part about this match is that no one caught the Snitch during overtime, so really, the Snitch was the winner. That was a fantastic moment to get to see.

The US Quidditch Cup was a magical weekend filled with snitchwiches, wrock, and of course, Quidditch. I had a wonderful time and hope to return next year. Did you make it to the US Quidditch Cup? Let us know in the comments.

  • Amy

    Does anybody edit these articles? Oh my–this was the most poorly written piece I’ve seen here in ages. Please step it up, MuggleNet. It’s so disheartening to see what my favorite website has become.

    • JToth

      Agreed. This is particularly atrocious. I was excited for a bit because I saw Keith had written a few articles (as well as a woman whom I didn’t recognize, but was quite good), but it’s apparent that crap like this will remain the MuggleNet norm.

    • HuffleRiot

      If you don’t like the way that this author writes then don’t read it. Someone put a lot of work into this article and you have no right to say oooohh this sucks. I think that it’s perfectly fine. I’d like to see you write something even half as good.

  • Amy

    I absolutely do have a right to give my opinion on a piece of writing. One could argue it’s actually encouraged since MuggleNet includes a comment section. It’s quite clear that the author did not put enough work into this. As for the “if you don’t like it then don’t read it” argument–that’s incredibly lazy. I love HP and the fandom and used to love MuggleNet for its coverage of it. I’ll continue to read every article on the site, but that doesn’t mean I need to pretend even half of the posts nowadays are well-written.