• No dobby W

    Like to ask Rowling, why she is ranting on social media (again) because, she chose a different race regarding the Weasleys that readers grew to know (Red hair) from the books/films? No problem on race or talent that is available, but, don’t blame the fans or call them nasty names every time YOU-JK Rowling, decide to change the left handed path or is it really the MANDELA Effect at hand to blame for all the confusion??? How does your play script explain the missing RED hair? Dunno, you tell us. LOL Back to reality………………..>

    • In reality, Jo doesn’t actually read/write for MuggleNet.

    • Iain Walker

      As coherent as ever.

  • Jones, Captain of the Romione

    I’m very excited! Going to get the script and read it so I can’t be spoiled, but I hope it’s still an amazing experience to see it live whenever I do get to see it if it does tour in the US. If I could go to London and see it I totally would, but alas it wasn’t in the stars for me ;o)