Five Ways to Make Someone a “Potter” Fan

Let’s get real, not everyone loves Potter the way we do. Some may have seen the films but still don’t understand the complex relationship of the Marauders or how important Severus Snape truly was. Some may have read Books 1-3 and then given up because they were bored (it happens). Then there are some who have never experienced Potter at all, aside from perhaps a theme park or posters hung at a movie theater or in a book shop.

Now, we can’t force people to become Potter fans, but there are a few different outlets one could try to get someone to give Potter a second chance.


Option 1: A Potter film marathon, over time

If you sit someone down who hasn’t seen any of the films, it may be a bit much to go through all eight in one go. Unless they’re completely willing; in that case, hold onto them forever. You now have a permanent movie marathon buddy. Start at the beginning where things are light and fun and make your way through. If they ask you questions about what happens next, keep quiet; it’ll keep them interested. Maybe dedicate one movie a week or watch a film twice a month. There are even easy recipes for snacks based on the series to enjoy with your movie screening. 




Option 2: The illustrated edition of Sorcerer’s Stone

If you haven’t noticed, the Potter series contains several large books. That can be intimidating, and offering up your copy of the illustrated edition of Book 1 may be a nice start to get your friend reading. Pictures always help. Scholastic will be releasing the entire series in an illustrated form over the next few years, with Chamber of Secrets coming out in October 2016. 



Option 3: Mark Reads Harry Potter

This works even for a general fan looking for a new way to reread the series. Mark Oshiro rose to fame through his blog as he went chapter by chapter, reading the books for the first time. For someone who may not be able to commit to the full series and long chapters, this is a great way to get a basic grasp of what’s going on with additional humor and commentary. I read the first chapter of Book 1 to my boyfriend, who’s never read the books, and he was in stitches. 



Option 4: Travel

For those with access to the funds, there’s nothing like immersing yourself in the Potter culture to help create new fans. A visit to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando or Hollywood is one way to enjoy a visit walking through Diagon Alley and/or Hogsmeade (depending on which park you visit since Hollywood only has Hogsmeade) while having a succulent butterbeer drink or ice cream. For those across the pond, a trip to all of the Potter landmarks, including the Elephant House, King’s Cross station, and Alnwick Castle provides an opportunity to insert yourself fully into the films.



Option 5: Musicals

This is for those who need show tunes to get themselves through the day. StarKidPotter, the theater company from the University of Michigan, established themselves with the Potter spoof A Very Potter Musical, which combines several books into one showstopper. Once your friend is hooked on that, follow up with A Very Potter Sequel and A Very Potter Senior Year. Forewarn your friend that everything is slightly jumbled, and I’m sure they’ll be hooked.



Honorable Mention: Stick your friend inside a cupboard under the stairs.

I’ve been told it works from time to time. Make sure to repeat, “If you don’t like Harry Potter, then you’re going to be Harry Potter!”