Expedition Wandless: The Overview

Wizolymics logo 2016


Welcome to the 502nd Summer Wizolympics! My name is Adalina Mancer, and I am going to be covering the exciting event Expedition Wandless!! How awesome is that?! Seven countries have been selected for this event. Our competing countries are Brazil, Canada, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The teams will start in Ubatuba, Brazil, and make it to our stadium in Rio de Janeiro… without their wands.

Each team of three has been given a budget of R$1,650 for their trip and a cellular telephone that has been preprogrammed with their destination in a “Google Map” (some form of Muggle tracking device). Only Muggle transportation is allowed in the form of walking, driving a car, or riding a bicycle. They will have 17 days to complete their journey and are allowed one bag each that cannot weigh more than 22.68 kg (50 lbs).

The team that arrives first will receive 31 points, and the second will get 24. From third on, the points the teams receive for finishing decrease by seven every finisher. The teams should be completing tasks along the way to earn bonus points. Each task has been ranked in difficulty and assigned a point value based off that. 5 points for an easy task, 10 for a medium level task, 15 for a hard task, and 20 for extreme tasks. The teams will also receive bonus points from our judges as they see fit based on the competitor’s friendliness, exuberance, and flair, as well as for staying under budget.

This is gearing up to be one exciting event! I can barely contain my excitement! No need to use a Cheering Charm during the Wizolympics, eh? Stay tuned tomorrow for the first day of our event!!

Oh right, nearly forgot. As normal, we also have the Squib Games taking place. This year’s event is called Bin It to Win It. The country whose competitor picks up the most trash wins. Good luck to those competing.


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