• Pascal Fernandes

    well SHE didnt write it so i thing Jo was trying to save as much as possible! Mayby she should hjave writen it alone

  • Iain Walker

    Based on having only read the script, this sounds like a fair review. And if you’re actually used to reading play scripts, then you can get quite a lot out of the script alone – you can see (for example) how expository dialogue that looks clunky on the page would work in performance with the right kind of ironic inflection. So while the story may be an unadventurous nostalgia-fest, I can see how it might be dazzling on stage.

    That still doesn’t really justify the story’s lapses from the spirit of the books, though. Was I the only one irritated by the references to werewolves as if they were a monolithic block, and a monolithic block of “dark creatures” at that? What the hell was Hermione doing in the DRCMC for all those years?