Magical Must-Haves for the New School Year

It’s that time of year again when you need to stock up on everything you need for school. Whether you’re off to Hogwarts, Ilvermorny, or your normal Muggle school, there are a lot of magical items that would make all of our lives just that little bit easier.


Bottomless Bag



Perfect for carrying all your books, parchment, quills, ink, and more! You’ll never need to worry that you’ve forgotten what you need for a busy school day. The bag has added charms to make it lighter than the collective weight of what is in it and a Cushioning Charm to make sure it doesn’t hurt your shoulders. This bag comes in a variety of colors and styles to ensure you are the most stylish person in your class!


Specialist Study Quill

Fed up of trawling through your notes? Insist on writing every tiny piece of information you come across on a topic? You need a specialist study quill! Use this quill when writing your notes and activate the charm by tapping on the parchment. The charm will then organize and prioritize your notes on the page. Truly a must-have ready for exam season!


Brain Boosting Gum                    



Sat in a lecture and struggling to stay awake? Try a piece of the special recipe, brain boosting gum that’ll help you concentrate and stay awake! Likened to coffee, a Muggle favorite booster, this is taking it to the next magical level. Caution: Must not be used in exam conditions.


Talking Quill

If you struggle to multitask and writing becomes a chore, try out this new quill to ease your working woes! Use a talking quill to write your notes, and it’ll read out loud what you have written at the end of the sentence. Perfect for studying, reviewing notes, and spotting those hard-to-find proofreading errors! Just don’t forget to use a different quill when writing in your diary!


Weasleys Wizard Wheezes – Skiving Snack Box



You’ve been given your new timetable for the year and groan as you realize you have back-to-back History of Magic first thing on a Monday morning. The only way to deal with this timetable is by having a Skiving Snack Box at the ready! Get sent to the hospital wing for an extra lie-in to ease you into the school week.


Anti-Copying Parchment

Fed up with your “friends” spending too much time on the Quidditch pitch and forgetting to do their homework? Use this parchment to stop your friends secretly trying to copy your work. The parchment has an inbuilt charm that recognizes when someone is trying to use your work without your permission! As soon as it detects unauthorized eyes upon it, the parchment will roll up and hit the person around the head as a deterrent.



Now, if only someone could invent these items for my Muggle self, I’d really appreciate it! Are there any magical items that you could do with to get ready for the new school year? Comment below!