Christmas Is Coming to Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Japan!

Beginning November 18, 2016, and continuing through January 9, 2017, visitors to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Japan will experience Hogsmeade at Christmas!

Announced via the Universal Studios Japan Twitter and website Saturday, the event is set to include Christmas decorations in the shops and a Christmas tree that can be seen in the center of the village. One of our friends, Jay Mohri, translated details of the announcement from the website so that we could share the magical event with you:

WWOHP is already known for its magnificent wintery landscape—the snow covered rooftops and icicles hanging from [the] stone-built structure, the warm light pouring out of windows from Hogwarts castle . . . we are certain that this Christmas event will further magnify the beauty of [the] scenery!

All of the shops and restaurants in Hogsmeade will be adorned with beautiful decorations such as magical ornaments and wreaths (details yet to come),  and a large Christmas tree will also be set in the middle of Hogsmeade.

The best part of it all—you will be able to cast a spell and light up the Christmas tree just like a true wizard/witch!

Restaurants are also planning on serving “Christmas feasts” (traditional Christmas meals that can be shared with friends and family) and Butterbeer mugs will also change its design to a Christmas-themed one, and they will only be available for purchase during this event.

It’s almost time for the best season at Hogwarts—and this winter, you’ll be able to jump right in!

We can’t wait to get more information on the magical ornaments and wreaths mentioned!

Will you be visiting Japan’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter this holiday season? Do you think that special events like the one announced for Japan will also take place in Universal’s Orlando and Hollywood parks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!