MoM Elections: The Debate – Part 1

Last night, the Wizengamot hosted this year’s Minister of Magic debate at Ministry headquarters. It was an evening packed with provoking questions and fanfare as Bianca Blishwick, Reggie Stump, and William Waverly took on the issues at the podium for 90 minutes. This recap is brought to you by the Daily Prophet.


What are the candidates’ policies regarding imports/exports to India and China? The current magical treaty has hamstrung the British broomstick industry regarding its exports, but local dragon product companies such as Draconix and Wyvern Inc. are worried an overhaul could threaten their sector with the international giant Huo Long Enterprises potentially flooding the domestic market. Will a new treaty be drawn up, and how will the candidates protect the British magical industry?

Bianca Blishwick: I am opposed to the treaty because it restricts business here. I will draw up a new treaty to encourage foreign or domestic sales to protect the livelihood of working witches and wizards.

Reggie Stump: I believe that renegotiating these trade agreements is in our best interests because what benefited our fathers may not provide such benefits now, nor for our children. As market conditions change, so too must our response. These agreements must benefit common witches and wizards – as well as the magical beings whose voices are not yet represented in these treaties. Britons should not be competing with poverty wages paid by overseas sweatshops but should seek to raise the standards for all.

William Waverly: I believe that competition breeds greatness! Let us not restrict imported equipment, but let us marvel at its ingenuity and strive to surpass it with our own industry! The existing treaty must allow for English wizards to compete fairly with their international brethren, and I would adjust the current treaty to allow for this.


After Britain’s recent split with the European Magical Congress, parents are concerned exchange programs and cultural activities such as the Triwizard Tournament are under threat. How do the candidates intend to continue these activities? There are concerns that immigrants from the war-torn magical nation of Syria are wreaking havoc, with magical persons and Muggles alike fleeing the area. The Ministry of Magic chose to close its borders after the recent plebiscite. What are the candidates’ policies going forward?

Blishwick: Most cultural activities will continue – Transfiguration Tournament, Charms Championship, other international competitions. The Triwizard Tournament is archaic and dangerous, and we’ve been trying to separate ourselves from it. It’s the Minister’s job to protect the country. However, I don’t want to abandon anyone in need. There will be a strict screening process put in place to single out any individuals associated with this dangerous wizard.

Stump: The Department of International Cooperation should be given the tools necessary to maintain cordial relations with magical Europe and – even if need be – work with each individual nation to maintain cultural programs, exchange students, and iconic events such as the Triwizard Tournament and the Quidditch World Cup. Meanwhile, we must honor the will of the British population – magical and otherwise – to maintain our political independence. It is my firm belief that we do not have to choose between maintaining our political independence or continuing our cultural institutions. As for our response to events in Syria, while we need to protect ourselves, we should not turn our neighbors away in their time of distress. The magical world is small as it is – we need not make it any smaller.

Waverly: Let us focus on our domestic security and look for new games and activities that we can play safely within our borders!


Ex-Aurors have received a substantial cut in welfare last year, with the current government citing necessary budget cuts as the reason. The magical medical institute warns that 80% of ex-Aurors are still suffering from injuries sustained in combat, be they psychological or physical, and that the cuts to ex-Auror welfare has already had negative effects. What are the candidates’ positions regarding these cuts?

Blishwick: The Auror welfare cut is a horrendous thing and will be overridden to whatever level possible. Budget cuts are necessary, but these rates are unbelievable considering the sacrifices these witches and wizards have made. They will be seeing a welfare increase and will be given priority in positions screening Syrian refugees, allowing them to make some extra income in a less hostile environment.

Stump: These cuts are an insult to the Aurors who put their lives on the line to keep our magical community safe. I stand for fully honoring all commitments to our Aurors, both ex and current, and also a subsidized health care plan to cover their psychological needs. They keep our streets safe in the midst of a war. During the Death Eater Hunts, they gave us peace of mind. We now owe them nothing less than that which they gave us.

Waverly: If we cannot take care of our own, the dashing and heroic men and women who keep our country safe, then we have no business being in government! When elected, I will reinstate the full funding for the benefits program!


The candidates are only getting fired up! Please continue on with Part 2 of the debate coverage, which can be found here.