Stream the Entire “Fantastic Beasts” Soundtrack for Free!

We recently reported that the full song list for the Fantastic Beasts soundtrack was released, and got our first taste of the film’s “Main Titles” that same day.

Well, hold onto your wands, witches and wizards, Muggles and No-Majs alike, because WaterTower Music (Warner Bros.’s in-house label) released an 18-track YouTube playlist where you can listen to the full soundtrack of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them for free, ahead of the November 18 premiere!

The soundtrack is written by James Newton Howard, whose other works include the soundtracks for Snow White and the Huntsman, The Huntsman: Winter’s War, The Hunger Games franchise, Maleficent, and many more.

You can currently only listen to the full soundtrack on WaterTower Music’s official website, but you can buy the songs “Main Titles” and “Tina Takes Newt In/Macusa Headquarters” on iTunes, as well as stream them on Spotify.

“Main Titles” starts with the melody from “Hedwig’s Theme” and contains hints of melodies from the Potter movies throughout the song, which will surely make any Potter fan nostalgic!

“Tina Takes Newt In/Macusa Headquarters” starts off with the magical swirls from the string section that we know and love, before it takes on a 1920s jazz feel about halfway through the song, returning to ominous tones reminiscent of the later Potter films.

The end of the stream hints that two new exclusive bonus tracks will be available tomorrow – all the more reason to have the stream on an endless loop for the next few weeks!

It sounds like a perfect soundtrack for a Fantastic Beasts premiere party!

You can find the stream here.

  • James Wooldridge

    Ok, I LOVE film soundtracks. I love the nostalgia factor and the emotions a film soundtrack can evoke when you recall your favorite scenes while listening. However, I feel so let down by this soundtrack. There are some good parts, but I wish they had found a different way to tie this soundtrack to the original 8 soundtracks. Using “Hedwig’s Theme” seems like cheating. That theme is iconic, yes, (Thanks to the brilliant John Williams) but it makes me think of Harry Potter and his adventures, not the whole magical world. There are numerous pieces throughout the 8-film series that are beautiful and evocative, and I’m sure Howard could have found a way to draw inspiration from these pieces. But there weren’t really any moments that stuck out to me in this soundtrack, and instead of feeling nostalgic when I heard the bits of “Hedwig’s Theme”, I instead felt incensed. It made me feel as if the music was a cop-out. Just like the newest trailer using the tagline “Before Harry Potter, there was magic in America.” This isn’t new information to ANYONE. Before Harry Potter, there was magic everywhere. And if it just a ploy to make sure the viewer understands this a prequel-ish story, then I find it obnoxious that WB assumes people can’t figure that out on their own when the lead character mentions Hogwarts.

  • Elect Exile

    A very good soundtrack! I too was underwhelmed at the first listen but on subsequent listens I discovered a lot of good moments with some beautiful melodies/motifs. I would not necessarily expect this soundtrack to be inspired by or derivative of the eight HP scores because this takes place 70 years prior to Potter. I often go into an anticipated movie/book/CD with what I think it should be (e.g., like John Williams), but after I’ve seen or heard it, I just let the artist’s “painting” take over rather than impose my pre-conceived version. I’m anxious to hear the Deluxe Edition and especially the End Titles Pt. 2 track. As with any score, multiple listens are needed to fully appreciate it.