• Mrs Norris

    I was a little disappointed that the published screenplay was the final cut of the film, as I was hoping to see the deleted scenes in there and JK’s original concept for the story, as I’m sure quite a bit of editing will have been done.

  • Cory

    No difference between the UK and US editions.
    If this is an allusion, notably, to Leta Lestrange backstory, it was erroneously presented as coming from this book when it actually comes for a companion book.

  • ALameHippogriff

    “Original screenplay” was incredibly misleading, given that we know JKR wrote the scenes that were ultimately cut. In the long run, it’s probably better that the script exactly match the final cut or we’d continuing to have debates over which version is canon (I’m exhausted by this after CC).

  • No dobby w

    Surely, J K Rowling knew her script would be rewritten. It happens with the very best of Hollywood writers. Her name was used, and her work sent to file 13. Simple as that. 😉