• Oop

    I was pretty resistant to the change at first, but when I thought about it, muggle really has a negative connotation in general, even if the Dursleys aren’t the first people who come to mind. No-Maj is just a neutral descriptor, whereas muggle carries inferiority, or even a certain maliciousness, and a much more distinct separation between magic/non-magic folk. (I didn’t even have to know the term “mug” to know that much.)

  • Iain Walker

    In 1920s American slang, a “muggle” is a marijuana addict. So you can see why they might have changed the term:

    Picquery: Did you Obliviate the Muggles?
    MACUSA Obliviator: Well, they were pretty out of it, so it didn’t seem to matter.
    Picquery: Not the muggles, the Muggles. Dammit, we need a new name.