The Phelps Bros. Mystery Project – Five Things We’d Like to See!

Earlier this week, we were treated to an Instagram post featuring James and Oliver Phelps with a mysterious message.


A new project coming soon. #TwinCities

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It’s got all of us here at MuggleNet wondering, “What could this project be??”

In light of that, here are our top five things we’d love to see as the Phelps brothers’ project.


5. A New Travel Series

We all know that the Phelps bros. love to travel. We’ve been treated to snaps of their travels from all over the globe many times in the past. Why not make a show of it??




4. A Magic Trick Show

Admit it – you’d love to see them embrace their Fred and George Weasley personas and give us a show featuring them trying all sorts of Muggle magic tricks.




3. A Sports Talk Show

The boys are quite the fans of sports of all kinds: golf, football, rugby, and basketball, to name a few. We think they’d be expert at giving everyone a comedic rundown of all things sports.




2. Two Sides of One City

This idea would explore the possibility of the Phelps bros. exploring the different sides of one city. Maybe in this scenario, James would explore the loud party side of the city, and Oliver would explore the business and culture side!




1. A Romantic Comedy

Hear us out: A romantic comedy where both of them fall in love with another set of identical twins, and neither pair can ever tell the other apart, and hilarity ensues. Tell us that wouldn’t be amazing!




One thing is for sure, regardless of which direction they go, it’s bound to be amazing!

Do you have a theory on what the project could be? Sound off in the comments below!