Social Media Roundup: Curtain Calls and New Beginnings

It’s Sunday, and you know what that means! Time to catch up with some of our favorite alumni in this week’s Social Media Roundup!

Cue the waterworks: Tina Teoli, head of the makeup department on The Flash shared this sweet video of our very own Tom Felton serenading the cast and crew on his last day of filming Season 3 of the hit CW series.



And while The Flash is ending for the season, Christian Coulson (Tom Riddle in Chamber of Secrets), has shared a video on his Twitter announcing the return of the show Nashville, in which he plays Damien George.



Warwick Davis (Professor Flitwick, Griphook) took everyone down memory lane when he posted these photos from the Star Wars 40th anniversary celebration.



James Phelps (Fred Weasley) added to the ever-increasing mystery of what exactly the “Twin Cities” project is, which he and his twin, Oliver Phelps (George Weasley), are working on.



Bonnie Wright shared this cute behind-the-scenes snap of her upcoming film, Phone Calls, which is premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival this week.



And finally, Stanislav Yanevski (Viktor Krum) shows us that you can take the man out of quidditch, but you can’t take quidditch out of the man.


That’s all for this week! It’s wonderful to see the successes of all the amazing alumni this fandom has, don’t you think?