Where in the World Is David Thewlis?

One of the more elusive Potter alumni, David Thewlis, is opening up about his recent interesting roles, and you may notice a trend! Thewlis has been taking on a couple of villainous roles – a far reach from the heroic Remus Lupin we adored in the Harry Potter world!

One of his characters, V.M. Varga on FX’s Fargo, is one of the most intimidating characters on television these days.

Varga is a bad person. He’s beyond redemption. He’s especially menacing to Ray and Sy because they don’t really know anything about him. They don’t know what he wants. He’s an enigma.

Thewlis goes on to state that he got inspiration for his portrayal of Varga by “just turning on the news.”

Since we were filming most of the show during the first 100 days of Trump’s America, I got a very different view than I might have had back in England. I kept tuning to American news channels, probably more than I should have, because what kept coming up was so relevant to Varga. The whole question of ‘What is truth?’ seemed to be the theme of Trump’s presidency. I have to say, I’m utterly baffled about what has happened so far.

But nobody jump to conclusions that Thewlis based his character on the US President. He states that, while there are definitely some themes that can be drawn from modern-day news and people, he didn’t play the character with that in mind.

Thewlis has high praise about filming the television drama.

This is the most enjoyable thing I’ve done in many, many years.

Moving to the silver screen, Thewlis will be seen as Ares in the upcoming Wonder Woman film!

For those who aren’t aware, Ares is a supervillian in the DC Comics universe with an impressive set of abilities (immortality, virtually indestructible armor, master of conflict and strategy, and the ability to provoke battle and slaughter with his presence, to name a few).

As of now, Thewlis’s role is credited as Sir Patrick Morgan, and Thewlis had some news to dish on his role.

Sir Patrick’s entire drive through the other half of the story is to bring about the armistice. That’s his whole intention no matter what’s going on. He meets Diana and sees in her somebody who is sympathetic to his cause quite vehemently so.

Doesn’t sound quite so “super powerful villain,” does it? Unfortunately, most things about Thewlis as Ares are being kept tightly under wraps. However, there is a rumor that there may be two sides to him (a bit of Jekyll and Hyde?) that are at war with each other, so to speak.

One thing is certain: With David Thewlis playing the role, it’s bound to be a delight.

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