Five Scenes We Know Were Filmed But Have Never Seen

It can be argued that the deleted scenes and blooper reels are the best part of any film release on DVD, especially Potter ones. However, several scenes have never been released, and our only evidence of their existence are photos from filming, which can be frustrating for diehard fans like myself. What’s with the secrecy? I want it all!

Recently, some old photos resurfaced that lit a flame to inspire this posting. In which I present…


Do you have a scene from Potter that you know exists and would like to see? Comment below!

  • Mr Potter

    Personally, I liked the disintegration that the filmmakers came up with, despite popular opposition to it. Why? Because it showed that Voldemort was gone for good. Wiped away from existence, he was left as nothing but a pile of insignificant ash that just floated away and disintegrated out of existence. Voldemort had always thought extremely highly of himself, and having a full corpse left behind meant he still existed, he still had a place in the world even if he was dead. Having him reduced to literally nothing reflected exactly what he had achieved – nothing.

    I always found it quite disturbing that they left Voldemort’s body in the castle, because even though it’s not exactly dignified, it’s still burying him in a place that he terrorised during his lifetime. It’s like burying a murderer where they kept their victim’s remains. Voldemort always felt at home at Hogwarts, so in one respect it’s like they’re leaving him in the one place he would have wanted to have been. I can see why the act of dumping him in the dungeon was far from respectful and still showed how little they thought of him, but the fact is he still returned home.

    That is why personally I do support and understand why Voldemort was left to crumble away in the film, to me it makes more sense to have completely wiped him off of the face of the earth as opposed to giving him any kind of lasting mark on the world

    • Desiree Anne

      As interesting as that is, the body being there added one last important thing you don’t seem to have thought of…proof – proof he was no more, proof he was really and truely defeated. Having him disintegrate and float away on the breeze didn’t allow the other Hogwarts defenders the visualization of him well and truely dead, really all it did was allow him to fertilize the area, similar to when a deceased persons ashes are scattered over some favourite place, when those bits of him land that’s him forever implanted on the land surrounding the castle. So really, him disintegrating or him lying as a dead corpse still brought him “home”

      • Mr Potter

        I hear you, but having his dead body there proved nothing. You can still reanimate a corpse, and we don’t know what kind of dark magic could have been used on his body. I get that it as to show his worse fears confirmed, but again I stand by the fact that his disintegration death was a better symbol of him – he amounted to literally nothing. Also, the torn fragments symbolise his torn soul, how he became so obsessed with making these horcruxes that even his reformed body was so unstable and frail without the Horcrux, he was liferallyxjusf a bunch of ash that was airing to be blown away. It shows he was weak and pathetic, whereas him having a solid body shows he had physical strength still within him, something he doesn’t deserve.

        I once read somewhere that when jo was working with the filmmakers on the movies, absolutely everything has to go through her before they put it into the movie. The changes that were made in the film were apparently ideas that she either never thought of herself when writing th books, and they were things that she herself liked better than her own ideas. So if Jo herself approved it then in down with it

  • Vicky George

    I preferred the battle between Harry and Voldemort in the book where it took place in the main hall with everyone able to see it. I would have liked to hear the cheering when Harry won, filming it outside did nothing for me; although I didn’t mind his body disintegrating.

    • Joan Diamond

      The reason I preferred the version in the book is because it showed the mundane nature of death. When Voldemort died, he simply ceased to exist, no fanfare, nothing special. In other words, he was human, just like everyone else and he died just like anyone else.