Social Media Roundup: All About the Music!

Another Sunday, another Social Media Roundup featuring some of our favorite Potter alumni!

This roundup, a lot of the stars were enjoying the magic of music.

Tom Felton, for instance, performed on the streets of Prague! Pedestrians seemed none the wiser that a huge movie star was standing right before them. It seems Tom got a kick out of it, at least!


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Playing music can get exhausting, though! So he also shared a snap of a quick food break.


Keeping it real

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The Phelps twins, James and Oliver, enjoyed an evening of legendary rock by attending a Guns N’ Roses concert.



Stan Yanevski (Viktor Krum) serenaded his fans with a rendition of You Are So Beautiful. *swoon*


Wrapping up the roundup, Christian Coulson (Young Tom Riddle, Chamber of Secrets) lent his voice to an audiobook by Mackenzi Lee titled The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue. Check it out below!



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