Five Reasons Why Harry Potter Should Be Your Favorite Character

It’s almost Harry Potter’s birthday, and it’s time to give him some love! Most fans don’t list Harry as one of their favorite characters in Harry Potter. It seems a little strange since there would be no series without him. It has almost become “uncool” to list the main character as your favorite. People seem to expect you to have a unique character to love. Believe me, I love Luna Lovegood and Hermione Granger passionately, but I’ve been through a lot with Harry. He’s essential to my love of Harry Potter. So here are five reasons why Harry Potter should be your favorite character in the series (or in general).



Who’s your favorite Harry Potter character? Let us know in the comments!

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Mikaela Martin

In the muggle world, I’m a high school English teacher and a passionate advocate of the positive force that is the Harry Potter series. I aspire to expose the next generation to the wizarding world and the wonders of literature; I truly believe the magic of Potter is a form of transfiguration–changing hearts, minds, and perspectives. But that information is old hat, of course, for us old DA lags.