The Magical Beasts of Pawnee – Part 1

Rewatching one of my favorite Muggle shows, Parks and Recreation, I could not stop laughing as the Parks and Rec Department tried to decide what dog breed best described each of them. Naturally, I was determined to discover what magical creatures fit my favorite characters. I dropped everything and began to do some digging. Hours of research and a few owls later, I have finally discovered the truth!




Leslie Knope: Runespoor

I’ll be honest here: It took me quite a while to finally decide upon the right creature to represent the head of the band of Pawnee misfits. While Leslie seems as cute and cuddly as a Pygmy Puff, she is much more practical than that. In addition, she can be fiercely loyal but not quite terrifying like a dragon. After my third owl returned with no response from Newt, an idea struck me! What other creature would aptly describe diligent and hard-working Leslie other than a Runespoor?! This three-headed African snake, often affiliated with Dark wizards, works nearly as hard as Leslie to get the most work done. In fact, according to Parselmouth writings, each head serves a different purpose, which pertinently describes the many facets of Leslie.



Ben Wyatt: Crup

To the Muggle eye, Crups look like ordinary Jack Russell Terriers, but wizards know the truth. In fact, they are far more interesting with their forked tails. Just like the Crup, Ben Wyatt appears to be rather boring and mundane with his love of finance. Yet once you get to know him, you will see that he is far more fun. In addition, both are fiercely loyal to their wizard owners (or their wives).




April Ludgate: Jarvey

The consistently sour April spends much of her time in Pawnee thinking up creative insults. Her magical counterpart, the Jarvey, described by some as an overgrown ferret, is notorious for its concise and rather rude comments. However, the devious creatures have been known to befriend a select few – much like April, who often enjoys the company of her coworkers despite claims to the contrary.



Andy Dwyer: Pixie

Andy, the lovable yet not-too-bright man-child, would, without a doubt, be a winged blue pixie. Both often cause destruction and enjoy playing practical jokes on anyone and everyone around. For Andy’s part, he is always well-meaning. However, he would most certainly try to hoist someone up by their ears and drop them on a chandelier.


Missing some of you favorite Pawnee people? Stay tuned for the next installment: “The Magical Beasts of Pawnee – Part 2!” Until then, find out to which Hogwarts Houses your favorite characters would belong!


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