The Magical Beasts of Pawnee – Part 2


Don’t have a fart attack! It’s time for Part 2 of the Parks and Recreation Department as magical creatures! This would have been out a lot sooner, but I “borrowed” some of Newt Scamander’s Nifflers to study. Instead of helping, they chose to steal my laptop! Twice! Nevertheless, today we celebrate the other half of our favorite Pawnee characters and attempt to discover which magical creature best fits each character’s unique personality! Without further ado… here are the beasts of the Parks and Rec Department!




Chris Traeger: Billywig

There may not be much physically linking a minute, vivid blue bug to the energetic health nut Chris Traeger, but it is not hard to spot the fact that they literally have the same personality. The wings atop a Billywig’s head rotate at such a high velocity that it can be almost impossible to see the creature as it darts about. Meanwhile, in the Muggle world, Chris Traeger claims to have run a third of the way to the moon and has a resting heart rate of 23 beats per minute, which, according to the scientists who studied him, “could pump jet fuel into an airplane.” All I’m saying is, I would pay several shiny Galleons to see a race between the two!




Donna Meagle: Niffler

Three words: Treat. Yo. Self. I mean, could there be a better match? Donna Meagle is notorious for her annual splurge, where she buys any and everything she feels she needs under the pretense of “treating herself.” Nifflers live under this same mantra… It just so happens that every day is “treat yo self” day!




Ann Perkins: Murtlap

Leslie would be the first to note that Ann, a “poetic and noble land-mermaid,” looks nothing like this naked mole rat crossed with a hedgehog having a bad hair day. However, seeing as neither “opalescent tree sharks” nor “rainbow-infused space unicorns” have been discovered yet, I think a Murtlap is quite apt. According to Hermione Granger, Murtlap tentacles can be used to make Murtlap essence, which helps to heal minor abrasions and injuries. In comparison, Ann Perkins works as a nurse in addition to working part-time in the Pawnee Health Department.




Ron Swanson: Thunderbird

Picture this: a strong, no-nonsense creature who would probably love a steak right now. Which one did I just describe? One is a large, birdlike animal that can create storms with the mere flap of its wings and can sense impending danger, while the other is a grumpy department head who would rather be eating steak, drinking, and building. Yet both Ron and the Thunderbird exude a sense of power and confidence. At the very least, the Thunderbird would be one creature that Ron, an avid hunter, would concede to be formidable prey.




Tom Haverford: Bowtruckle

This one was actually not hard to see at all. The first time I saw Pickett, I immediately thought of Tom Haverford. Sure, Tom is much more social than Pickett, who prefers to hang out with Newt, but the sassy nature and fairly harmless demeanor of the two are undeniable. Furthermore, both are on the smaller side when compared to their counterparts. Oh, and one of Newt’s other Bowtruckles is named Tom. Coincidence? I think not.




Jerry Gergich: Flobberworm

Jerry/Larry/Terry/Gary is often overlooked and viewed as useless and unimpressive. Similarly, the Flobberworm rarely held the attention of the Care of Magical Creatures students.



So what do you think? Do you agree with my analysis or is there another fantastic creature that would fit better? Let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to check out Part 1 of “The Magical Beasts of Pawnee“!


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Lindsay Docken

I first learned about the Boy Who Lived when I was six years old and became hooked. Despite being a proud Gryffindor, I think I most relate to Newt Scamander because I'm also introverted and work with animals. Unfortunately, though, I've yet to come across any Nifflers!