Evanna Lynch Presents Honor at Hidden Heroes Gala

Evanna Lynch and Luna Lovegood share so many of the same qualities, sometimes we think they’re the same person! Luna would definitely love Evanna’s work with animal rights organization Mercy for Animals, whose gala she attended this weekend. She presented the organization’s Compassionate Courage Award to former undercover investigator Barb Sicotte.

The Hidden Heroes Gala is an annual event held in downtown Los Angeles that celebrates Mercy for Animals’ undercover investigators, who report on the unsafe conditions of large animal farms. Hollywood’s most prominent animal advocates turned out for the red carpet, including Rose McGowan (Charmed, Scream), tattoo artist Kat Von D, and Leona Lewis (AvatarCats). The night’s Compassionate Leadership Award recipient was eight-time Academy Award nominee Diane Warren.

Evanna has worked with MFA before and recently sat down with founder Nathan Runkle to discuss animal advocacy on her podcast, The ChickPeeps.



Evanna’s activism would certainly make Luna proud! For more of her work, check out The ChickPeeps when it debuts this fall, and keep an eye on her social media for her next project!