Steal Ludo Bagman’s Job: QuidditchUK Is Hiring!

Working with Harry Potter all day can be a dream come true for the few people lucky enough to do it. However, if you look hard enough, you can find these coveted job listings when they appear. This week, you may have your chance: QuidditchUK has posted its “Help Wanted” sign!

QuidditchUK is the national governing body for Muggle quidditch in the UK and is in charge of organizing events that build a community around the sport. They’re looking for members to fill their administration and analysis teams – specifically, an administrator and head of research and analysis.

The administrator will organize elements of tournament attendance for Team UK by working with international committees and media organizations to coordinate travel arrangements and accommodations for the team.

The head of research and analysis will head up a new sub-department in charge of liaising with coaches to develop and organize data collection in order to improve the sport.

They also need volunteers in the Research and Analysis Department to collect and process data in order to gain insight into quidditch as it’s played. Experts in data analysis or sports science are appreciated, but anyone with a good work ethic and the proper enthusiasm can apply!

Learn more about the jobs here, and best of luck to all those who apply!


Gayané Kaligian

Gayane has been writing about Harry Potter since the fourth grade, when she wrote her first five-paragraph essay on why Percy Weasley’s buffoonery could have led to Voldemort winning. These days, she’s still talking about the Weasley brothers, but it’s mostly about how overlooked Charlie is. In her free time, you can find her researching stunt choreography and geeking out over theater.