World Gratitude Day: Celebrating the Weasleys of the World

Today is World Gratitude Day. Do you know what I’m grateful for? The Weasleys of the world! Molly and Arthur Weasley were instrumental figures in Harry Potter’s life. Their compassion inspired them to welcome an orphan boy into a family role for the first time. Similarly, mentors, foster parents, adoptive parents, stepfathers, stepmothers, and other such generous individuals give love to disadvantaged children. Loving a child shouldn’t be a difficult task, but it sadly proves challenging for some parents. However, there are many wonderful people in this world who care for children in need of a home. I personally have my own Weasley-like family I’m grateful for. I always connected with Harry’s story, having found my own Weasleys at the age of 11.  Molly and Arthur loved Harry like a son. His character was greatly shaped by the Weasleys throughout the Potter series. Living with the Dursleys forced him to oppress many aspects of himself. Being a part of a family nourished Harry’s best qualities and helped him flourish into the loving, yet somewhat naive, daredevil he is today. Without the Weasleys, I doubt he would have survived Voldemort’s return. So here are six wonderful Molly and Arthur moments Harry will always be grateful for!




Mikaela Martin

In the muggle world, I’m a high school English teacher and a passionate advocate of the positive force that is the Harry Potter series. I aspire to expose the next generation to the wizarding world and the wonders of literature; I truly believe the magic of Potter is a form of transfiguration–changing hearts, minds, and perspectives. But that information is old hat, of course, for us old DA lags.