Events Roundup: Let the Holiday Magic Begin!

Surely, everyone can agree that the holiday season is magical. This year, communities all over the globe are making them even more so by hosting Potter-themed holiday events!

Starting down south in Texas, Austin began hosting a Harry Potter Film Festival on November 10 at the Blue Starlite Graceland Oaks in Oak Hill. This was the fourth year that the film festival was held, and the owner of the drive-in, Josh Frank, expressed his love for keeping the tradition going.

We decided to exclusively hold this year’s festival at Graceland Oaks because it provides a more intimate location for Harry Potter fans, including a playground for young fans, more space to offer blanket seating for families to enjoy our movies under the night sky and in the patio space on-site. It offers the perfect setting for pre-show themed entertainment, rounding out the experience.

The pre-show entertainment includes movie trivia, quidditch games, photo booths, and more! You have until December 12 to attend the festivities, so head over and purchase your tickets now!

Head across the pond to experience a one-of-a-kind Potter escape room in Manchester, UK! The escape room launched on November 15 and is open to witches and wizards of all ages!

The University of Magic traps wannabe witches and wizards inside an academy of the dark arts, where they will have to find their way out using dragon potions, unicorn hair and their own sleuthing skills to solve its mysteries. Dressed in full sorcerers’ garb, groups will have one hour to complete a series of magical tasks, cast spells, recite incantations and battle with dark forces in the hope of securing a coveted place at the University.

Tickets are available for booking here!

Finally, the holidays also mark the beginning of Yule Ball season!

Over in Arizona, ASU Dumbledore’s Army held its annual Yule Ball on November 18. The Ball served as an end-of-semester celebration and included free food, dancing, photo booths, and more! It was not restricted to ASU students, and members of the entire community came out to experience the magic. It’s nice to see that even in a state as warm as Arizona, you can still experience some winter fun with the help of Potter.

Up north in Michigan, Grand Rapids is set to host a Yule Ball of its own on December 7! This party will feature an exciting Horcrux hunt as well as a live band! If you’re wanting to take your children, you may have to make other plans, however. This Yule Ball is an exclusively 21-and-over event.

Tickets are available for purchase here!

Finally, over in New York, Potter fans are invited to a Yule Ball celebration in Brewster on December 30! This event is a formal dance and is open to all ages. There will also be a second session following from 8:00 to 11:00 p.m. for anyone 16 and older. Both sessions will include divination, costume contests, photo booths, trivia, and more! You can buy your tickets for this Yule Ball here.

Well, that wraps up today’s Events Roundup! Will you be attending any of the events? Let us know in the comments below!