Sir Kenneth Branagh Wins for “Wallander” and Teases Another Poirot Film!

Sir Kenneth Branagh (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret‘s Gilderoy Lockhart) has won an International Emmy Award! At the ceremony in the United States, Branagh won the Best Actor prize for his roll in the fourth and final sesaon of Wallander, the BBC drama series that aired in May of 2016.



In Wallander, Branagh plays Swedish police detective Kurt Wallander, an existentialist detective working to solve a series of strange crimes. Branagh’s adaptation of Wallander marks the first time Swedish author Henning Mankell’s novels about the detective have been adapted into English. This year was the first year Wallander had been nominated for an International Emmy Award, but the show’s other seasons have previously won BAFTA Television Awards for a handful of categories.

While at the International Emmy Awards, Branagh confirmed that he will take part in a follow-up film to Murder on the Orient Express, the adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel about Belgian detective Hercule Poirot released this year. Just before he accepted the award, he received word of his continuing starring role and directing position on Death on the Nile, a later Christie novel:

Coming at exactly the time Fox have committed to developing a second Poirot film, it’s been a hell of a day at the office!

There’s no news on when Death on the Nile might be released, but check out the trailer for Murder on the Orient Express, which is out in theaters now, here!