“Harry Potter: A Cinematic Gallery” Is a Coloring Book Like No Other!

With the rise of the adult coloring book came fandom coloring books, and Harry Potter was not excepted from that. There have been several beautiful Potter coloring books, from creatures to characters and even locations. However, nothing before has reached the same level as the new Harry Potter: A Cinematic Gallery coloring book. With 80 beautiful images, it’s sure to easily rise to the top of the list for anyone who enjoys coloring books!

The first thing that struck me about the book was how large it was – and that it came with a hardback cover. I was expecting something small along the lines of other Potter coloring books I had seen. This book, however, is huge! In your hand, it has quite the weight (both literally and metaphorically), which definitely made me feel like my poor art skills should not be near it. The hard cover gives it a professional feel, and the beautiful color of the red ribbon bookmark adds to that.



After opening the book, I was excited by the inviting images. The book is separated into images from each of the eight films. Many of them are familiar stills from posters or other promotional images, and some are stills straight from the films. Each image also has a special feature: gold-and-red foil embossing. From Harry’s first feeble Patronus to the windows of Hogwarts Castle, to the door to the Chamber of Secrets behind Ginny, the embossing adds a special flair to each image.



Another special feature of this particular book is the fold-out images. There are several throughout the book, from the entire Black family tree to the Great Hall after Gryffindor’s historic House Cup win to a Quidditch match. These fold-out pages are sure to be a challenge and a delight for anyone artistically inclined.



If you or someone you know is a fan of beautiful line art coloring books like this, Harry Potter: A Cinematic Gallery is a must-have. It makes a lovely coffee table addition, both before it is colored and after, and is a wonderful gift for this holiday season that you won’t want to miss.

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