Movie Review: “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, Starring Domhnall Gleeson


Before we dive in, the toggle below contains a brief crash course on the general plotline and the characters in this article. If you aren’t as familiar with the Star Wars world, click that plus sign! If you are a Jedi Master, read on!

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Star Wars: The Last Jedi takes you on a nonstop action-packed ride that’s both funny and dramatic. Personally, I was most excited to see Domhnall Gleeson as General Hux. I felt like we didn’t get to see enough of him in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and knowing what a fantastic actor Domhnall is, I couldn’t wait to see more.

Let me just say, he did not disappoint! Domhnall brings an element of terror and hilarity, somehow at the same time. How he does it, I don’t know! His #stinkface is on fleek, and I enjoyed every second he was on screen. Hux tends to have a bit of an issue with authority, especially when it comes to taking orders from Kylo Ren. I loved seeing the power struggle between him and the First Order’s own resident emo teenager, and… Well, you’ll just have to watch the film to see how that turns out!

The introduction of so many new characters and creatures could have been overwhelming, but it was executed perfectly. Speaking of which, I just have two words to say. GIRL. POWER. Rey, Rose, Phasma, Vice Admiral Holdo, Lieutenant Connix, and of course, the one and only General Leia Organa are all such powerful and strong leading females, each inspirational in her own way. It was a pleasure to see them all kick butt on the big screen.

Not every review can be 100% positive, however, and one thing I did find just a tad annoying was the underlying romantic subplots. It seemed like every character in the movie had a “will they, won’t they?” moment, and I thought it was a little distracting to the full picture.

The battle that it seems every character fights in this movie is dark vs. light, good vs. evil, whether it’s actually battling a physical war against each other or fighting a mental battle with themselves. It brings to mind a favorite quote from a certain Marauder.

We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.

It’s very interesting to see each character battle with their own darkness, and it really shows the capabilities of each actor.

I think this is a film that will not only help continue to bring new audiences to the franchise but will also please long-time fans. The cute little Easter eggs and homages to the original trilogy bring about feelings of nostalgia and will just bring a smile to your face.

Have you seen The Last Jedi? What did you think of it?