What Has Newt Encountered in the Sewer?

We have a little less than a year until we get to see Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald on the big screen, but we all have been asking the same question since the first Beasts movie premiered last year: What will happen in the sequel?

EW has given us an exclusive first look at a new still from the upcoming film, and it sure looks like Newt might be encountering a bit more than he expected.



We can see he has his trusty briefcase, so maybe another creature got loose? By the look on his face, maybe it’s something more serious than one of his beloved beasts? Time will tell!

In a second photo, we see Eddie Redmayne and Jude Law conversing behind the scenes. What could they be discussing? Also, it’s noted that Jude Law is dressed a bit more Muggle-ish. Doing some undercover work, perhaps?



In an interview with EW, Redmayne revealed he’s got a bit of “wand shoulder” (as the cast has begun calling the injury).

It’s from doing some quite hardcore wand action, but I’m not getting any better for it.

We are sending our well wishes to Redmayne that his wand shoulder heals soon!

Based on the title of the film, it’s pretty obvious we will get some sort of action-packed wand battle by the time the film is finished. (Fingers crossed for an emotional battle between Dumbledore and Grindelwald.) It’s also been noted that most of the film will take place in Paris. However, the cast and crew are currently filming in London.

Shedding some light on the mystery, David Yates gave us a few more clues as to what to expect from the anticipated sequel, saying it will be more serious than the first installment.

The first film had a level of whimsy; the characters felt like children in grown-up bodies. In this movie, it gets grittier and more nuanced and detailed. It’s quite a romantic film, it’s a thriller, it’s quite an interesting combination of genres you rarely see together. I think it will surprise people.

Is it November 16, 2018, yet??