“SpeakBeasty” Episode 50: “Grindy Was Here”

Join hosts Amy, Ariel, and Lizzie, and guest host Laine, as they celebrate our 50th episode with an awesome discussion about Grindelwald, Leta Lestrange, and how Dumbledore isn’t Dumbledore yet.

Episode 50: Grindy Was Here

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Laine guest hosts!
→ Our show is fifty, nifty, and thrifty.
→ “The Phoenix Register: New MinaLima art!
When to wave and when to behave.
→ Jude Law is… lemonade?
→ This is THRILLER.
→ Less heteronormativity, please.
→ Dumbledore isn’t Dumbledore yet.
→ Will they get married? Who’s going to die?
→ “Le-tah Lestrange…”
→ Voldemort’s graduation, though…
→ #GravesSTILLLives
→ “The Time-Turner”: The invention of the polygraph!
→ CSI: The Crimes of Grindelwald
→ What came first, the abilities or the spells?

Podcast Question: What do you think Queenie meant when she said, “She was a taker. You need a giver”?

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