HBO Announces House Challenges in Three US Cities!

On January 1, all eight Harry Potter films as well as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them became available to HBO subscribers. To celebrate, HBO is hosting Hogwarts House Challenges in Atlanta, Boston, and Denver!

At these events, fans will have the chance to participate in trivia contests, win prizes in categories like Best Costume and Best Team Photo, and see some original movie props – including Tom Riddle’s diary with the Basilisk fang and Bellatrix Lestrange’s dagger.

The Hogwarts House Challenges will take place on January 18 in Atlanta, January 25 in Boston, and January 31 in Denver. If you’re near one of these cities, you can look for tickets on HBO’s Facebook page in the coming days. May the best House win!

Press Release

NEW YORK, NY (January 12, 2018) — In celebration of the Harry Potter film series streaming on the network, unedited and commercial-free for the first time, HBO will host Hogwarts House Challenges in three cities across the country to crown the most dedicated Harry Potter fans. With all eight Harry Potter films joining HBO’s line-up, the network continues its reign as the best destination for the biggest blockbuster films Hollywood has to offer.

Harry Potter fans in ATLANTA, BOSTON and DENVER are invited to put their knowledge of the Wizarding World to the test as they face off in a series of Harry Potter trivia and challenges. At each event, prizes will be awarded for Best Costume, Best Team Photo and more.

Plus, guests will have a chance to see some of the original props from the Harry Potter films:
● Tom Riddle’s diary with Basilisk fang
● Lucius Malfoy’s “Caught” poster
● Horace Slughorn’s hourglass
● Bellatrix Lestrange’s dagger
● “Magical Drafts and Potions” textbook
HBO audiences have a lot to look forward to with more first run, $100M+ films coming to HBO platforms in 2018 than any other premium channel. Viewers continue to subscribe to HBO for the best and most theatrical movies and now they can catch everyone’s favorite wizard whenever and wherever they want.

Hogwarts House Challenges, powered by Wink Back, Inc., will kick off in Atlanta on January 18th, followed by Boston on January 25th and Denver on January 31st. A limited number of tickets will be available on HBO’s Facebook page in the coming days.

Participants will have the chance to warm up their Harry Potter knowledge beforehand by watching all eight movies as well as the latest film from the Wizarding World, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which are available now to watch on HBO GO, HBO NOW, HBO On Demand and affiliate portals.

Shelby Dale DeWeese

Shelby Dale DeWeese has been a Harry Potter fan since first picking up the books in 2000 and has been working for MuggleNet as a transcriber, transcript editor, and journalist since 2009. She is a writer and educator, and spends her free time reading, running, taking dance classes, and re-watching The Office.