J.K. Rowling Tweets about “Lethal White” and Writing

Today was one of the celebrated occasions when J.K. Rowling takes to Twitter to answer some burning questions from her fans. It all started when a fan asked about progress on the next installment in the Cormoran Strike series, which Rowling writes as Robert Galbraith.



When it was pointed out that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the longest book in the Harry Potter series, Rowling clarified her statement.



After the Cormoran Strike update, Rowling answered some questions about her writing process. When asked how much of the plot she plans out before she begins writing, Rowling briefly described her planning process.



She added that sometimes she works with ideas for a while before they reach their final form.



Rowling also revealed the surprisingly low-tech tools she uses to write her novels.



Rowling described her thoughts about feeling discouraged with writing prose in almost poetic terms.



Finally, she was asked if she is ever tempted by new ideas before she has finished her current project. She replied and wrapped up the impromptu Q&A session with a quotation from novelist William Faulkner:



It looks like readers will have a nice, long book to read when the next installment of Cormoran Strike is released. Until then, perhaps those writers among us can take Rowling’s advice and make some color-coded tables with which to confront that wonderful, terrifying blank page.